Wii Wuz Robbed

J.M. nailed it, we wuz robbed. “Buffest Mascot?” — Did he also win “Greenest Mascot” by Green Magazine, or “Spartaniest Mascot” from Spartan Magazine? I’m sorry, but human costume mascots suck. Why not have an actually buff real MSU student dressed up like a Spartan… if you have any…


You want a real mascot, a real man, a real show? Then you want Aubie. Screw the vote, you want Aubie…

Watch him here make fun of that nancy Syracuse Orange, teleport from blond to blond to blond, and then hop in a jacuzzi with some ’80s action. Wii demand a recount…


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One response to “Wii Wuz Robbed

  1. ike

    your right, that proves it… aubie was robbed!
    his impressions stifle rich little for god sake, and he drives in a rare ’76 aston martin made by blind scottish monks! nuff said.

    war damn eagle aubie!

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