An Indecent Proposal?

By J.M. Comer

So the final tallies are in for EA Sports’ “NCAA Football ’09 Wii Cover Mascot Challenge” and Auburn placed 4th with Bama coming in 9th.

The winner of the 2009 cover? The Michigan State Spartans. Whoop-dee-dang-doodle-doo.

But I have an idea. Please follow along with me with an open mind. What if Aubie were to share the cover with Alabama’s Big Al? What if Auburn fans and Bama fans issued a petition to the video game makers for combining the two schools’ votes, thus, pushing the tally over the top?


Big Al has let himself go recently.

I know, I know. Some of you just recoiled in disgust. But I’m thinking of more of an Iron Bowl motif. And wouldn’t it look dynamic to have the rival schools facing off on the cover? Wouldn’t this move help out sales of the game (listen up EA!) by appealing to two fan bases instead of one? Of course, as a starting point in the Auburn-Bama petition negotiations, I would suggest that since Auburn received more votes than Bama, that Aubie should get three-fifths of the Wii cover, or Aubie gets the upper hand in mascot high jinx, or Aubie gets to stand in the foreground, raising a number 6, as Big Al sulks in his two-fifths of space. Just random, unbiased thoughts.

Can we put together an online petition? Can we span the Auburn-Bama blog and fan divide to push for a bigger cause … a bigger, nerdy, video game cause?

I’m throwing it out there. What are your thoughts about this proposal? Is there someone out there that frequents Bama blogs … an ambassador that can speak for Auburn blog/message board nation?



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3 responses to “An Indecent Proposal?

  1. Wes

    Great idea. Let’s get it done. Best way to spread the word would be a Facebook group that linked to an online petition.

  2. Jim

    Some things should just not happen.Let it be-we’ll get it next year!WDE!

  3. Sullivan013

    You would think they would be smart and use regional teams for the different areas of the country in which the games are sold. I mean, how much can the printing cost?

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