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Beat Me, Whip Me, Call Me Helen!

Buried deep in the feminine furor lies the reason for it all: a soldier, a Bama fan, asked him to.


So broken is the Bama Nation, so used to it, their relationship with Tommy Tuberville has officially blossomed into full-tilt masochism.

“One guy said, `I’m an Alabama guy, but go ahead and put up seven anyway,'” Tuberville said.

Any suggestions for a safe word?


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We Will Iraq You…

It has been a while, and posts will probably continue to be sporadic for a while longer, but an e-mail from Kenny Smith brought me off the bench:

I knew they were ahead of us over there, but I didn’t know it was six months ahead.

Already celebrating.

Coach Tommy Tuberville gets a jump on celebrating the upcoming Iron Bowl while coaching soldiers stationed in Iraq.

You can watch the video here.

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