Beat Me, Whip Me, Call Me Helen!

Buried deep in the feminine furor lies the reason for it all: a soldier, a Bama fan, asked him to.


So broken is the Bama Nation, so used to it, their relationship with Tommy Tuberville has officially blossomed into full-tilt masochism.

“One guy said, `I’m an Alabama guy, but go ahead and put up seven anyway,'” Tuberville said.

Any suggestions for a safe word?



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5 responses to “Beat Me, Whip Me, Call Me Helen!

  1. Many ‘Bama fans I’ve met use “Got 12!” as their knee-jerk, fallback expression of distress and discomfort. That might work.

  2. tmc1

    Nice isnt it? The streak has almost put Auburn back on the map. After 40 (mostly losing years) to Bama, CTT comes to town from a mediocre stint at Ole Miss. And Bama full blown cuts its own throat. And soon Auburn is winning the Iron Bowl and the recruiting wars big time! Bama takes their whippings until one day they go out and hire a top dollar coach. Soon that coach is recruiting phenomenal talent.
    Meanwhile 10 years of fairly good football happens on the plains. “We cant wait until next year… we got _____________ running our offense and it is a cant miss scheme, and the best DC in the country _________. Our QB _____________ maybe the best to ever play at Auburn and we got a stable of stud running backs that are the best around…….CTT has went out and recruited the fastest class in history . This will be the year we win the SEC and who knows? maybe the NC!
    That is what fans do, they hope.
    The truth is that Auburn has really made no progress since thier great 2004 team. Nothing forward, And sadly the rest of the competition is evolving.
    In hiring Franklin, I think that Aurburn is trying to make a move forward, but the sad fact is that this is the same team that could not execute with Al Borges offense last year, how can any sane person expect them to execute Franklin’s offense? Everyone knows it is much more complex and requires even more skill.
    Auburn may make it 7 in a row. But that is as good as it will get. They wont make it nine in a row.
    While Tony Franklin might have made a splash at Troy, the simple truth is that 2008’s recruiting class at Auburn wasnt a big jump in talent from what Franklin had at Troy.
    Schemes are great but the dont cover up lacking talent. And sadly, CTT’s recruiting of late is … lacking…….

  3. Sullivan013

    You’re kidding, right? Did you not see the Bowl game? That was three weeks of the new offense, and the team performed better than any other game last season, INCLUDING the Florida and LSU games (where we came within an inch of defeating the eventual national champion).

    What is it that you want?

    The defense is back, with a good DC in charge, we have a stable of running backs, an All-SEC line, good hands receivers, a proven scheme and at least two QBs who are capable of running the show. We have the second longest tenured coach in the entire SEC. We even have a clutch FG kicker with icewater in his veins.

    What else do you need to feel good about this team this year? Or does your ‘glass-is-half-empty’ pessimism block out even the slightest ray of hope?

    Fairly good? How about, the winningest coach in Auburn history. He’s within a couple of hundreths of a percentage point to passing Coach Dye.


  4. Doug

    TMC1 is a big bammer that spends all his time on AU blogs…

    I have never spent one minute on a Bammer blog…have no desire.

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