Tired of Seeing Overpriced Dogs with Poor Qualities?

“Hi Jimmy, are they treating you well? Um… well look, real quick… we need your password.”

I heard it mentioned by a caller yesterday on Finebaum, but misunderstood; I thought “The Linebacker Bullies” was the name of Jimmy Johns’ cartel or something, and couldn’t find anything about it.

But leave it to the investigative champion of the blAUgosphere to find it and tap it for that extra “aww, hell.”

Could John’s arrest turn out to be a blessing in disguise for the Alabama program? If everything Will points out is true, that is, if Johns’ website, undetected by Bama compliance police since March, was in violation of NCAA eligibility regulations, it would seem so… at least in the long run.

UPDATE: As of 4:20 — yeah, that’s right — jimmyjohnspitbulls.com, “Home of the Linebacker Bullies,” has been officially removed. Gentleman, start your screen caps…


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