Bama and Coke, Back Again. Coca-Cola, too.

This is disappointing.

Pepsi signs above Legion Field were always that extra mark of the beast sealing Bama’s deal with the devil (Pepsi is aligned with the devil, Coke with the Lord and Auburn always with Coke and the Lord)… and that they served that stingless syrup at Bryant-Denny was more evidence that they played girl ball. The world was perfect.

But now I’ve lost at least one outlet for my disdain. And yet I take comfort in knowing that though switching to the better brand is obviously a good thing for them, mojo-wise, it can hardly do much until they actually get a better coach. That is, I doubt we’ll be seeing any Bama / Coca-Cola version of the Florida / Gatorade commercials any time soon. [By the way, guess which of the four teams that Florida didn’t beat in that heralded first-year spell under Gatorade poured them their biggest loss ? This guy… 28-17. Not that I’m a Powerade man, even though it’s Coke-owned. I mean, I drink it, but Gatorade is obviously more classic. Brand-loyalty is a complicated lover. I mean, Mt. Dew is Pepsi-owned, but it’s OK, same for Sunkist I think, though I associate it more with Coke.}

But of course, I gain another outlet, as I must take drastic issue with Ian Rapoport’s insane lede:

“Once again, Alabama football fans can enjoy the same beverage coach Paul “Bear” Bryant helped make famous.”

I suppose… I hope… that this is simply gotta-make-deadline pandering: the same Alabama fans who think that the terrorists attacked on Sept. 11 because it was/is Bear Bryant’s birthday — oh, and they’re out there; Finebaum had one on as a guest a few years back, a real Bama luminary no less — probably do think that Bear Bryant was integral in making Coke the most recognized brand in the world.* The terrorists were probably Pepsi drinkers, so yeah… I mean, they probably were.

The other note-worthy aspect of this month old news is, as The Auburner points out, its relative ironic timing to the incident bookending the latest Auburn-on-Bama shoppenfreude {please link and credit — new term for rivalry-specific Photoshopped e-meme — hmmm, maybe BumperLink would also be good. BumperFlickr? Punnier, not quite accurate}.

*[Speaking of Coke history, I swear I’ve got a scan from an old 1950s Plainsman that recounts Toomer’s Drugs as the first place Coke was sold on tap. I can’t find it right now, but until I do, here’s something that at least kinda backs me up, though he says they sold the first bottle, scroll down…]


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