Toomer’s Rumors and Boomers – 7.15.08

By J.M. Comer

The War Eagle Reader offers a roundup of interesting stories, questionable opinions and great comments from other team’s fans about the Auburn Tigers across the blogosphere. Also included is a roundup of news stories of interest for your afternoon reading and dissection.

Let the Eagle Soar!

A collection of favorable comments and interesting articles from blogs and newspapers about the Tigers.

Ben Tate comes in at 21 in’s (The Gainesville Sun) countdown of the SEC’s 25 top players. (Gatorsports, July 4)

Columnist Wally Hall says “Include Tuberville’s Tigers in BCS title talk.” (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, July 15)

Auburn’s Sen’Derrick Marks will write a weekly column for Sporting News Today this fall. (Columbia Tribune, July 9)

Picture me Rollin takes a look at Bama’s loss to Auburn in 1997, coming at #5 in his list of “The Worst of Times.” (Picture me Rollin, July 15).

Tigers Roar!

A collection of questionable comments from blogs and newspapers about the Auburn Tigers.

ALERT! ALERT! RAAAAWWWRRRR! RAAAAAWWWRRR! Pat Dye comes in as #2 as “Enemy of the Orange” (Syracuse) in Post-Standard columnist Brent “The Axeman” Axe’s list. He actually calls Pat Dye “a tool.” Sounds like the Axeman has an axe to grind. Somehow, I doubt Pat Dye loses any sleep over any Orange hatred. (, July 11)

The Elephants’ Empty Bleat!

Tide Nation is talking loud and sayin’ nothing.

The Capstone Report has fun with prefixes and makes a sad attempt at coining the phrase “Aubsessed” and insults other Bama blogs by calling them “lesser.” Can we join in the fun too? We sure did “AU-bliterate” your team the past six years. We’ll be happy to “AU-blige” you with a seventh beating this year. (Capstone Report, July 15) …

… then CR tries to claim the “selling out all our tickets first” battle with Auburn. It’s just pathetic really. (Capstone Report, July 15)

BamaFootball4Life lets loose the lame jokes. (BF4L, July 11)



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2 responses to “Toomer’s Rumors and Boomers – 7.15.08

  1. Why is John Travolta wearing an Auburn hat?

  2. because he’s friggin’ cool, jimbo. the real question is, why AREN’T YOU wearing one? i’m just sayin’….

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