38 Days…

Tim Tebow just said that something, anything, could have gotten him a win again Auburn last year. Anything! Something! Do anything! Ahhgg!

Q. Coach Meyer talked a little bit about the struggling with two minutes to go last year. I’m sure you replayed the games against Auburn, LSU, Michigan in your mind. If so, what would you do differently?

TIM TEBOW: Hopefully finish those games out better and score and win. But, you know, I think that just goes down to winning in the fourth quarter and finishing out games. It’s a toughness factor, maturity, experience in big games, who wants it more, who is going to step up and make the big play. So many things go into those last seconds of games. If David Tyree doesn’t make that catch for New York, then everybody is talking about the undefeated season for the Patriots and nobody looks at the Giants any more. It could be the smallest thing. Those are the things we have to get better at. We always talk about the six inches, like in Any Given Sunday. It is the little things that change the game. Little things versus LSU when we beat LSU, you know, anything versus Auburn, we beat Auburn. The little things in those games. Those things will come with hard work, discipline, maturity, just an overall better work ethic and experience from those situations, someone stepping up and making a big play.


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  1. …..Honestly, I don’t think it was Tebow’s fault that UF lost to us. He was giving an absolutely superhuman effort. It was that run-backwards thing Harvin did, that crippled Florida’s last drive. And of course, they didn’t have to give up a huge catch and run to Robert Dunn, Auburn’s smallest receiver, over the middle, either.

    …..Very diplomatic of him. “You guys suck! You blew it!” Tebow would never say that…

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