That ain’t right.

Lots of hoopla, as it were, over Nike’s new ad campaign…

… which made me think of this recent tribute to Knowshon Moreno sent from Japan’s Chris Shelling Jr…

… which made me think of this already well-documented, possibly Canadian, and just ???? Bammer slam-campaign… [h/t/y/h/g/h/y/The Auburner]

(…. says Shelling Jr. “gosh bama fans are lame… i would never make a website using a pun to show that he is in fact not better than the only pretty good running back alabama has ever had.”…. and, yeah, Georgia fans should be thankful for that there is a difference, otherwise Knowshon might be wearing clothes designed by Blayne from Project Runway like S. Alexander is, which kinda brings this whole girlicious post sorta full-circle…)

… which led me to come up with my own punpaign weighing very past players from one team against current players from another (teams that, you know, aren’t even huge, huge rivals, I mean they are, but you know)… and this one actually works…



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3 responses to “That ain’t right.

  1. tim pittman

    Was that for me?

  2. thewareaglereader

    No, Tim as in Tebow. Bama narcissism strikes again.. and man, two crimson comments in a row…

  3. But unlike the Capstone Report, we welcome thoughtful comments from the other side.

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