Kenny Irons: Cutting up and then just cut

By J.M. Comer

I found this video (and a crazy photo, follow the link) on Deadspin last week. It’s vintage Kenny Irons enjoying life, football and Hooters (maybe too much).

But sadly, probably days after the above video was created, former Auburn running back Kenny Irons was waived from the Cincinnati Bengals yesterday … again. He was originally waived July 25 after he failed the Bengals’ physical exam. He injured his left knee last year during a preseason game. It doesn’t look good for Mr. Irons. His brother, defensive back David Irons, with the Atlanta Falcons appears to be moving in the same direction.’s FalconsBlog said Friday about David: “Backup DBs David Irons and Daren Stone, who seemed to be headed in the right direction as rookies last season, could be losing ground. Irons, a standout special teams player, is rotating with the third defensive unit along with Stone, who was demoted from No. 2 strong safety with the acquisition of veteran Deke Cooper.”

The Falcoholic also reports: “If you’re wondering what happened to David Irons and Daren Stone, it appears they’re slipping down the depth chart with alarming quickness. Wyche notes that Stone appears to behind perennial backup Deke Cooper, which is a very poor omen indeed. As much as I like both of them (particularly Stone and his athleticism), I’m not sure either is even going to have a roster spot.”

Their dad, David Irons Sr., doesn’t seem too worried about any of it.

“Kenny’s going to be fine,” David Irons said Friday in an interview. “It’s a minor set-back, it has to be done for the team. For roster and salary cap purposes.

“I’ve had the surgery and my other son, David Jr., had that surgery and it wasn’t until his senior year at Auburn that he was back to where he was (two years after the initial injury),” Irons Sr., said. “Now he’s doing fine and is in his second year with the Falcons.

“Our expectations are for [Kenny] to be back with the Bengals and in the Pro Bowl in two years,” Irons Sr. said.

Hope that father knows best.


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