Secrets to Success! NFL Money! Motivation! Reach Your Full Potential! We’re Gonna Teach the Hell Out of You! In Your Mind!

By J.M. Comer

An uplifting summer seminar organized by Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban

Reach for that crystal trophy!

Do you want to reach your FULL POTENTIAL on the football field? Well, you’ve gotta get that first touchdown … in your MIND! Aiight? There is no depth chart. You are all FIRST TEAM players to me. But at the end of the day, it is what it is. Got it? You’ll only be arrested if you want to be arrested. And your mind? It might be arrested … IN YOUR HEAD. Let it free. Throw your worries to the wind, like a yellow flag caught and twisted end over end in the breeze. Aiight? Did you know that 99 percent of tackling your opponent takes place first in your brain? 99 percent! That’s 11 percent less than 110 percent! The other 11 percent? Fundamentals. So let’s go through our clarifying incantation. Clear your thoughts!

Remember: “We are a team that’s committed to excellence. It’s represented in everything we do.”

Remember: “A Tiger by the tail is worth two in the bush.”

Remember: “Our team is a family. We will look out for each other. We love one another. A manly love that only men with men can know.”

Remember: “Anything that attempts to tear us apart only makes us stronger.”

Always remember! “Six is only a number … six is only a number … six is only a number … seven doesn’t exist …”

I hope this lineup of speakers for Crimson Tide Summer Motivation Seminar 2008 will INSPIRE and UPLIFT you to reach your FULL POTENTIAL! in the classroom and the field of battle. IN YOUR MIND!

Roll Tide!
Nick Saban
CEO, Crimson Tide Summer Motivation Seminar 2008

This year’s speakers/performers include:

Author and speaker: Lou Tice

I’m the co-founder of the Pacific Institute. Excellence is a process — an achievable, continuous process that inevitably results when we learn to control how we think, what we expect and what we believe. Top athletes come to me for help with mastering the psychological aspects of peak performance. How do I write my books, like “Smart Talk: Achieving Your Potential”? One word at a time. And painkillers. The pain! It picks at my mind every day like a buzzard!

Musical inspiration: Antowaine Richardson and the Main Attraction

Los Angeles native Antowaine Richardson, who sings lead, tenor and baritone, as well as writing, arranging and producing the group’s performing and recording efforts. Antowaine’s initial successes came as a hard-hitting second team All-American linebacker for the 1978 Rose Bowl champion University of Washington Huskies. Following a knee injury just before his first start for the St. Louis Cardinals, Antowaine opted for his first love, music. His second love? Yellow pants.

Motivation from Crimson Fan #1

Each morning I roll out from between the crimson-stained sheets of my bed, look to the heavens and scream “I am a crimson GOD!” I’ve found my true calling. My purpose. You can find it too! Tackle your problems and blitz your insecurities like me. I stand shirtless and painted before you … do not judge me … EMBRACE ME!

Testimonial speaker: Colette Connell, cock-eyed (from drinking) optimist

I found the answer as it stepped off a plane and into my then-empty life. After battling alcoholism and crushing debt, I found my inner power and consolidated that debt into one monthly bill! Thanks to Coach Saban’s “Crimson Tide Summer Motivation Seminar 2007: Tidal Force Unleased!” I was able to unleash the tidal force of my MIND! My stalking is more focused and now I can see Saban 4 more hours out of the day by disguising myself as a goalpost!



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3 responses to “Secrets to Success! NFL Money! Motivation! Reach Your Full Potential! We’re Gonna Teach the Hell Out of You! In Your Mind!

  1. wdamne

    Ah, in these doldrum days before the start of the season I needed something to take my mind off all the panic talk on the boards. This was just what I needed. Thanks for the inspiration. I now feel empowered IN MY MIND!

  2. Jimbo

    that photo cracks me up…. someone give lil’ nicky some phone books to stand on….

  3. 156 Cocktails and a huzzah.

    “The pain that picks at my mind every day like a buzzard” is quality stuff.

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