12 Days…

By J. McDonald



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5 responses to “12 Days…

  1. Go Frenchy! Go!

    Tubs on the freshmen at practice:

    “There’s probably a lot more speed than we’ve had, skill players,” Tuberville said. “You throw Frenchy (Philip Pierre-Louis) in there, Darvin Adams. Of course, Eric Smith has done real well.

  2. Jimbo

    Are we really going with “Frenchy” as the nickname? I like it, it’s just that Jeff Francouer of the Braves has had it for a couple of years now. (oh well, he doesn’t deserve it anymore) – J…. maybe The French Connection???

  3. “The French Connection” is way, way better. But with Tubs calling him “Frenchy,” I’m afraid it might stick.

  4. Jimbo

    yeah, i hear ya… just like the orange has stuck ’cause of Tubs… if I had my way, everyone would be in blue…. too much orange in the SEC/ACC… blue is our main color…orange is only the accent… besides, i look terrible in orange.- J

  5. Eric

    Glad to see that Frenchy is at AU, but he better lose that nasty rap music.

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