Toomer’s Rumors and Boomers – 8.20.08

By J.M. Comer

The War Eagle Reader offers a roundup of interesting news stories, questionable opinions and great comments from other team’s fans about the Auburn Tigers across the blogosphere.

News and Recruiting Roundup

SI’s college football mailbag would like to see Tony Franklin’s offense live up to the hype (, Aug. 20). Also, the mailbag posits that running from Georgia’s Bigfoot has helped train the SEC’s speedsters.

Sophomore receiver Terrell Zachery talks about the new offense: “Coach Franklin will take chances on you. He’ll go deep on you first down and it always seems to work out” (The Randolph Leader, Aug. 20). According to the article: Zachery is working with the second team grouping with Tim Hawthorne and Tommy Trott, behind senior wideout Robert Dunn.

The above article reminds me of an excellent article last week by War Eagle Extra author David Ching that I wish I would have come up with first: Who is going to be stepping up to catch all these passes this year? Who has the hot hands in camp? How is Tony Franklin turning the receiver corps from a “meh … uhhh” to a “WOAH MOMMA!!!!” Check it out.

The Washington Post has Auburn at No. 10 in their preseason rankings. Last year, Auburn was absent from their top 25 and Bama was in it. So, take it with a grain of salt. But a good point is brought up in this year’s check list of vulnerabilities: “Franklin has said he would prefer the team have 10 reliable options at wide receiver, a mark that will not be reached until some of the freshmen become familiar with their coordinator’s schemes” (, Aug. 20)

Samford in 2011? *Sigh* At least Coach Pat Sullivan will be there (The Auburn Beat, Aug. 20)

Pat Dye will be speaking to the Little Rock Quarterback Club on Oct. 6. Maybe our new Lubbock correspondent can take a road trip and ask for an old shirt to go with THE PANTS (The Arkansas Leader, Aug. 20).

An Auburn homer in NYC previews the Tigers for Deadspin (Deadspin, Aug. 20). But his preview includes this gem: “To this day, if I ever see Lowder in person, I will immediately punch the skinny E.T. looking asshole right in the kisser.” I’ve daydreamed the same thing. Like, maybe I’ll see Lowder coming out of some fancy D.C. restaurant with Sen. Shelby and I’ll push him into a mud puddle. Ahhhh yeah, that’s the stuff.

Auburn comes in at #6 in Forbes’ “Top Ten Olympic Schools.” There’s some Saban joke here, put I can’t think of it. Suggestions? (Forbes, Aug. 20). picks Auburn #11 in their preseason poll (, Aug. 20). No spread eagle joke? The humor of Playboy has gone downhill.

SEC Coach of the Year (’84, ’89) Sonny Smith, who took our Tigers to five straight NCAA tourneys (wow, what happened?), is getting a granite plaque on the Tiger Trail in downtown Auburn (WANI 1400, Aug. 20).

Tigers Roar!
A collection of questionable comments from other blogs about the Auburn Tigers.

Good gravy! Here is the 1,237 post that “predicts” Auburn will have trouble with or lose to Mississippi State again this year. I’m not kidding: There are a lot of “experts” out there that think this game will sneak up on Auburn. NOTE TO ALL BLOGS: A football team usually doesn’t overlook a team that beat it the year before. The Tigers will be out for revenge! (Bleacher Report, Aug. 19)

hey jenny slater. calls Tuberville “overrated,” while Mark Richt is #1. What did you expect? When is the season getting here? I don’t think I can take much more of this (hey jenny slater, Aug. 19). On the other hand, The Tide Druid, taking part in the same SEC Coach Power Poll, has a level head about Tubs: “But give the mans his due. He went from the brink of the pink slip to a perfect season. He likes tough defense, and it is hard to not respect that in such a conference. Plus, he knows what it takes to please his fan base, and he has delivered 6 years running” (The Tide Druid, Aug. 18).

The Elephants’ Empty Bleat!
Tide Nation is talking loud and sayin’ nothing.

Capstone Report does what it does best: Kicking the hornets’ nest. And one more time for good measure (Capstone Report, Aug. 19, 20)

And finally, there is this classic quote (and a mental pretzel to boot) from Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban that I stumbled across in a story from July in the The Wetumpka Herald:

The question is, how long will it take for the Tide to return to a position of relevance on the national spectrum?

“We never, ever talk about it. It is what it is. We are where we are. We work every day to try to get it where we want it to be,” said Saban.


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