I Believe in Auburn… and Lubbock

Eventide, the gentle rustling of the leaves, the birds seeking there nests, oh my happy valley, Auburn, so far away.

Brief ramblings from the giant side of Texas. I checked the Toomer’s Corner Webcam (not to be confused with the I’m-assuming-Fay-Wracked-Finger-Print-Cam) and it’s morning in Auburn. 6:30 am. In Lubbock, it’s still night. Or it’s still dark at least. I mean midnight dark. I went from one edge of Central Time to the other, and those edges speak different languages. The sun sets at 11pm here, it’s rather like those bedtime stories of Alaska.

I met an Auburn grad (’79) in Wal-Mart. War Eagle, War Eagle. I talked to the check out girl at the grocery store, her boyfriend just moved to Wetumpka and she’s obsessed with Alabama, “I’m going to move there as soon as I can.” I asked her what I needed to know about Lubbock. She pointed toward the liquor stores.

Jerry answered — and I’m paraphrasing — that his distance from Auburn, from Alabama, from home… made Auburn football more important to him, his HDTV a portal to everything good on Saturday nights. I feel that. I’ve never felt this way before.

Keep me in your prayers. War Eagle. And right, right, Guns Up. But War Eagle. War. Eagle. War Eagle. Please, War Eagle.

P.S. I wrote a story on Kodi Burns (back in March) for Alabama Football Magazine, which finally hit stores a couple of weeks back and made it onto their recently launched Website. Check it out. Looks like Track’em Tigers is going to be doubling as the site’s Auburn coverage.



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2 responses to “I Believe in Auburn… and Lubbock

  1. Marcus

    Awesome piece on Kodi Burns. Keep up the good work.

  2. Rarely do I see Auburn wear in Lubbock, and when I do it is usually someone who was the recipient of a gift. Knowing another one of us is here on the Plains my senses are primed. We have yet to cross paths, but at Lowe’s this past weekend I met a member of the class of ’60, a Sam Sandford. For reference, I have also found other Tigers at the Market Street located at 50th and Indiana (Home of the salad bar where CRMK and the Chancellor of TTU had a noteworthy confrontation)

    War Eagle (it feels good to say that to someone in Lubbock who has a clue as to why I said it)

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