Warhawk doing some wartalk (sorta)

By J.M. Comer

I bring this up in a desperate attempt to generate pre-game controversy.

From yesterday’s edition of the The News Star:

ULM football players might be underdogs to Auburn this weekend, but they aren’t awestruck.

“We’ve all got scholarships,” free safety Greg James said during ULM’s game-week news conference today. “I could have been there, but I’m here. Going against those guys like them is no different than going against the guys we have here.”

A free safety with a free tongue?

Maybe James has the right to talk. He had nine tackles against Bama last year, which was a season high. For the 2007 season, he had five interceptions.

But I don’t think James was recruited by Auburn. Which makes the “I could have been there” part of his interview puzzling to me.

If he wanted to get attention before Saturday’s game: Mission accomplished.

Blog news: Crud!

David Ching is leaving the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer and his excellent and sadly short-lived blog “War Eagle Extra” for the position of sports editor at the Athens Banner-Herald. Good luck to David! But it’s a shame we didn’t have his insight for the football season.


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One response to “Warhawk doing some wartalk (sorta)

  1. How DARE he vaguely insinuate that his football playing abilities are only slightly lower than the abilities of the players on the team he’ll play on Saturday!

    Where’s the class? I blame hip hop music.

    Tubs better post this in the locker room!

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