Further renovations to Jordan-Hare West?

By J.M. Comer

A blog post from Roll ‘Bama Roll noted that there are renovations going on this week in Bryant-Denny Stadium, also known as Jordan-Hare West. A giant houndstooth hat was being lifted into the stadium via crane for a new restaurant.

… the hat will sit above a new concession stand fittingly dubbed, “The Bear’s Den.” Many of the other new concession stands will have similar themes. Ezell’s Fish Camp, for example, will have a tin roof and look like a cabin on the lake, while “Crimson Fried” will have a mural of past Alabama football teams.

Either way, it’s pretty interesting stuff in terms of how they are upgrading concession services around the stadium.

Interesting stuff indeed! Dearest readers, it gets even more interesting! Thanks to our undercover TWER operatives in Tuscaloosa, we have obtained a surveillance photo of another object being loaded into the stadium for concessions. A surprise for the opening game? It appears that Bama has decided to celebrate another coach with another giant “signature” object: Mike Shula’s Ice Cream Cone Shoppe will be ready for 2008! I can’t wait to try the “Croyle Crushed Dreams Ripple” at our home away from home this year. War (Yum) Eagle!


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