Sat Morning

I’m not going to be able to watch it, it’s just not going to happen, I’ve tried. Next week, Southern Miss, yes. This week, no. It’ll be like the glory of ’93. However, unlike that magical era, Auburn has some awesome new webcams (I guess they’re new, if not, then at least better than they were). So, yeah, not only will I be able to watch the white aftermath at Toomer’s and smile and sit my daughter up in the lap and smile and laugh and cry for home, I’ll actually be able to catch some of the actual stadium action — the east upper deck (so make some signs, east deckers) — while XMing it from the lonesome tundra of Lubbock. It’ll be surreal. Rod, Stan, Paul, Quentin, AU IT dept, let’s do this.

Some quick things to pass the time.

Despite the raucous, arguably-contrary-to-traditional-advertised-Loveliest-Village-aesthetic standard in Auburntron’s YouTube oeuvre, Nate’s latest is hilarious and a half. And we need this sort of stuff.

And real quick, David Ching, the most net generation gossip savvy beat writer blogger we’ve ever had covering the Tigers, the kind of fella who describes not just the injuries, but the blood and the Neosporin like everyone wants, has called it quits after all of eight hours or something. Old news, I know, but I wanted to give a shout out – it was great while it lasted, and hey David, War Eagle.

and while we’re at it, why not the sequel… “ching CHING!”

War Eagle.


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