No thanks to the offensive offensive line

By J.M. Comer

From The Birmingham News:

Auburn center Ryan Pugh — he of the holding penalty that resulted in a safety for Mississippi State — walked off the field with a smile and turned to some Auburn cheerleaders.

“I scored more points than their offense,” Pugh said, shaking his head.

And you and your o-line teammates’ penalties for holding and such almost totaled the offensive output for Mississippi State last night. Hilarious! Total comedy gold.

If there is any justice, someone on Paul Rhoads’ incredible, magical defense will knock Pugh on his ass in practice today (and I hope to hell that there is a practice today). Repeatedly.



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2 responses to “No thanks to the offensive offensive line

  1. Mike

    With all due respect to Mr. Comer, I doubt he’s ever strapped on a helmet — let alone blocked a 275 lb defensive end. I think Pugh’s comment was way out of line — don’t get me wrong. But, I think his comment is more indicative of his disgust, and the state of the attitude of the offense under field general Chris Todd. Mr. Comer, Chris Todd expects his line to maintain their blocks for 10-seconds. That is virtually impossible in the SEC. Todd has to find a receiver, and make his throw in well under half that time, or his line will fail. A quarterback, standing in his own endzone must release the ball — he cannot run around, looking for the perfect throw. Please do not humiliate yourself by suggesting receivers (plural) were not open. No sir, the holding calls mostly — mostly — rest on the shoulders of an immature, indecisive, incompetent QB Chris Todd.

  2. Mike, you are right on. I’ve never played a snap and can only comment as a fan of the Tigers. I am limited to what I see on TV and read on blogs and in newspapers. I also made a huge error yesterday by taking out my disappointment on one player, Pugh. I was writing with emotion and not thinking. His words were probably spoken with frustration and not glib. But I do think you are mistaken too for laying the blame on one player, Chris Todd. Like Coach Tuberville said yesterday, there is a lot of work to be done on the offensive side of the ball. It seems to be a larger problem than one person. I think we can all agree on that.

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