Hang it on the bulletin board … c’mon Auburn prove ’em wrong!

Paul Finebaum at The Press-Register:

Instead, has the spread offense turned Auburn into college football’s version of the Titanic? Can you imagine a blue-chip prospect watching the Tigers’ exasperating 3-2 win over Mississippi State Saturday night? Can you also imagine the same players quickly marking through Auburn on their “Fave 5” list of recruiting visits with a freshly opened Sharpie?

Would any self-respecting skilled position player want to be caught dead in college football’s version of Al Capone’s Vault?


From Rivals.com’s Terry Bowden (Yes, that one.):

WHERE’S AUBURN’S OFFENSE? The biggest disappointment so far in the SEC has to be Auburn’s spread offense, especially when you consider how much hype the new scheme received in the preseason. Through three games, Auburn ranks eighth in the SEC in scoring offense (21.3 ppg) and 11th in passing offense (162.3 ypg).

The defense is solid, but Tommy Tuberville needs more from his new offense.

Saturday night, Auburn tried to hand the game to Mississippi State on a silver platter with a safety and two fumbles in the fourth quarter, but the defense wouldn’t let it happen as the Tigers held on to win 3-2.

The book on Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville always has been that he wins with great defense, a great kicking game, great field position and a strong running attack. Right now, only the defensive part remains.


From Chris Low’s ESPN column “SEC’s balance hot, Auburn’s Franklin not“:

Ice, Ice baby: Auburn offensive coordinator Tony Franklin. Nobody’s going to make any rash judgments after three games. After all, the Tigers are 3-0 and ranked in the Top 10. But they will after four games if this new spread offense goes belly-up against LSU and Auburn loses because it can’t finish drives, turns the ball over and generally looks dysfunctional on that side of the ball. If you’re going to run a spread offense, the first rule of thumb is that you better have a quarterback who can run it. Neither Chris Todd or Kodi Burns has proven that he’s that guy yet, at least not in this league.


Paul Gattis at The Huntsville Times says:

Dud of the Week: Not to begrudge an SEC road win but, c’mon, 3-2? Auburn missed two field goals, lost three fumbles and was pretty lifeless on offense. The Tiger defense is everything you want and more – speedy, physical and they make plays. But with that offense, maybe Auburn at No. 10 is ranked too high.


Mark McCarter’s column at The Huntsville Times adds:

“Expect.” That’s been the big word for the Auburn offense. Much ado, so far, about nothing.


Kirk Bohl’s “10 Observations From the Couch” from The Austin American-Statesman:

Georgia is so over-rated. Knowshon Moreno is terrific with great balance and vision and super moves but … Auburn’s even more over-rated. Three points? The Tigers’ 3-2 win over Mississippi State was painful to watch (once the USC blowout was on).


The Sporting News‘ Matt Hayes says:

Three teams getting too much love: No. 10 Auburn. I don’t know about you, but I’m already feeling Tony Franklin’s impact on the Auburn offense. Come on, 3-2? Three to two? Fellas, please, you’re embarrassing the league the Lord Almighty himself created.


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  1. Jimbo

    I’ll hang that crap up tonight!

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