Win or Lose, What Will LSU Whine About After This Year’s Game?

2006: “No Fair! I’m Gonna Take My Football And Go Home!”

From Auburn Undercover:

“If the game is close in the fourth quarter we can pack up and go home because we always seem to get the short end of the stick,” LSU junior wide receiver Brandon LaFell said candidly.

LaFell can point to a call that didn’t go his way in the 2006 game that could have helped LSU win.

Just before halftime in a scoreless tie, LSU was driving for a score. LSU faced second-and-10 at the Auburn 27 when JaMarcus Russell lofted a pass into the end zone for LaFell.

Auburn cornerback David Irons appeared to hold or interfere with LaFell, but no call was made. Instead of having a first down in the red zone, LSU eventually had to settle for a field goal. The purple and gold Tigers wouldn’t score again.

“I was upset,” LaFell said. Irons, he recalled, was hardly apologetic.

“He said, ‘The play’s over, the ref didn’t call it, so quit crying,'” LaFell said.

2007: “You Did It On Purpose! Ooohh! You Play Too Rough You Big Meanies!”

From today’s issue of The Advocate:

Somebody brought it [Auburn guard Chaz Ramsey’s chop block at the knees of former LSU star Glenn Dorsey] up to LSU defensive tackle Ricky-Jean Francois Tuesday, though, and he didn’t mince words. …

“When I first saw it happen, I froze up because I didn’t think a team would really do something like that,” said Ricky-Jean Francois, who was on the sideline, but not in action because of an NCAA suspension. “They kept showing it on the scoreboard and you can see it all over the place on YouTube. It’s not something that is going to go away.” …

“Is the game really that serious or that important that you’d go out and ruin somebody’s career?” Jean-Francois said. “I wasn’t really worried about it happening again until somebody mentioned it (Tuesday). Now it’s something you have to think about. I hope whatever happens this week, they let a pancake block be the worse thing they do.”


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One response to “Win or Lose, What Will LSU Whine About After This Year’s Game?

  1. JWIN

    Guess LSU didnt have to make excuses after beating Auburn and them looking pathetic now huh???

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