100% Cotton … Ray Cotton

“When God made a quarterback, he made him like Ray Cotton.” — Meade High School coach Lance Clelland.

“I didn’t understand how important having hope for the football team was here. We want to give them all a reason to keep hoping.” — Meade High School QB Ray Cotton.

After three games this season, Auburn’s verbal commitment Ray Cotton has racked up 706 yards and 8 touchdowns.

Pencil thin mustache? Check!

Height of 6’5″? Check!

#17 jersey? Check!

Sound like someone we all know that plays on Sundays? (Although it seems that Cotton is getting tired of the comparisons already.)

Click for today’s Washington Post video featuring Cotton.

Click for today’s Washington Post story featuring Cotton.



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2 responses to “100% Cotton … Ray Cotton

  1. Skunk Ape

    I Love it when a plan comes together.

  2. tom

    You gotta love a national media darling publication featuring an “Auburn-bound” QB! This only helps recruiting and more importantly national perception!

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