Did Someone Punch My Spirit?

By J.M. Comer

… Because it sure feels like it.

Just a couple of quick thoughts as I retire for this evening’s uneasy slumber.

The firing of maligned (rightly or not) Offensive Coordinator Tony Franklin does not sit well with me.

Why was he kicked to the curb right in front of reporters and cameras in the middle of the day, like a man walking to the gallows? Is this the best way that it could have been handled? Firing the guy just in time for Paul Finebaum to report it as breaking news on his afternoon show? I can just imagine what that hairless asshole had to say today about this sorry scene today. It’s like we handed the story to Finebaum on a silver platter.

Why did Auburn University do this to Franklin in such a public and embarrassing manner? Good God! What an idiotic, childish way to handle this. Why wasn’t he given the pink slip Sunday night?

There are so many questions that need answers.

Why the glee from some of my fellow Auburn fans? This is not a time to be dancing in the streets. This hurts and is embarrassing. Tony Franklin was in over his head and it seems that no love is lost. But I don’t think he burned down anyone’s house. He didn’t destroy your 401(k).

He was brought in and did a job poorly. But although we suffered through losses to Vanderbilt and LSU that bruised our pride and the lack of any offense in our hollow wins hurt, this is much, much worse in my eyes.

God, I feel for our football players and recruits. What are they thinking about right now? Relief? Dread? Confusion?

I feel that we need, as Auburn fans, to keep the lines of communication open as we struggle to figure out where this season, this football team, our beloved university are all headed.

For now, let’s dig down deep and think about what it means to be an Auburn Tiger football fan. And hope for brighter days ahead.



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5 responses to “Did Someone Punch My Spirit?

  1. I thought it was very shallow how Auburn beat writers stood around taking pictures of Franklin cleaning out his office. And in the video of Franklin getting into his car, which reporter had the nerve to ask “What was your favorite part about being at Auburn?” – what a jerk.

  2. I agree that having him clean out his office and the press taking photo’s was cheesy. I think Tubs did what he thought was right, but to photograph the guy — he was a bad OC — he doesn’t deserve the perp walk.

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  4. Unfortunately, the same people who are “Dancing in the streets” over Franklin’s ouster are the same fair-weather “fans” who boo Auburn players and always root against SEC teams blindly. (For example, if LSU was playing USC… I’m rooting for LSU – I’m tired of the news media saying that the SEC can’t compete with teams outside our conference). It’s fans like these that we don’t need, as it gives Auburn a black-eye in the media spotlight.

  5. cotton

    Bad day, indeed.
    It just looks like franklin was set up for failure.
    What an embarrassment.

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