Halloween Mystery

8 p.m. Friday night. What’d we win? It can’t just be Halloween.

I looked on the official site, don’t see anything, but the perps seem to be uniformed… volleyball maybe? No trick or treaters have come by and nope they totally just did. Jason mask, jiminy…  anway, still lonely, afraid I’m going to get robbed. The Toomer’s Cam, it helps… and it’s nice to see the white ribbon, no matter what it’s there…

31-23, Auburn. War Eagle.



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6 responses to “Halloween Mystery

  1. SIW

    Auburn High School’s perfect regular season?

  2. AU99

    I think I heard something about an Equestrian National Championship last week from one of my A-hole Bama buddies.

  3. SIW

    The Equestrian NC was in the spring.

  4. SIW

    That was last spring.

  5. Russell

    Auburn women’s soccer beats bama for third staright year with 4-0 victory on halloween nite. Also gave a share of sec west title with the victory. Still have no idea what kid was dressed up as that won costume contest at halftime of said game.
    War Eagle. Every voctory over bama deserves a good rolling

  6. JJ

    It was rolled because Auburn HS beat BT Wash HS for a perfect season.

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