Wenesday 7:14 a.m.




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2 responses to “Wenesday 7:14 a.m.

  1. meteormeteor

    two things:
    1) Bo Jackson is to Buddhist prayer as Joe Namath is to kissing Suzy Kolbert.
    2) Is it possible that Bo Jackson is the modern incarnation of the god of war, Hachiman?
    Exhibit A: http://www.narahaku.go.jp/exhib/2002toku/todaiji/todaiji-3-12_e.htm
    little resemblance, no?

  2. the real lebowski

    Loved your use of the Lebowski quotes. As a Bama fan I disagree with your team loyalties but that is what makes this game so much fun. A guy quoting Lebowski can’t be all bad!

    And yes…the dude abides!

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