Grimsley prediction for Bama

1975 Plainsman editrix, Pulitzer nominee, biographer of Charles Schulz, Bo Jackson of Auburn journalism does her annual-ish thing on the Iron Bowl:

Hating Alabama is a worthy passion. It is part of my life, like longing for a white Christmas, or taking in stray dogs.

Buy her new book.


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One response to “Grimsley prediction for Bama

  1. BamaPhoto

    Rheta, the “stealth bomber” strategy didn’t work out too well and sometimes stray dogs will bite!

    I only got one txt msg during the game this year – the last few years I had to pay extra just for the texting from friends and family – my son, a loyal AU supporter said you were playing like a bunch of Jr. High School girls – I agreed with him.

    And while I may be atypical (I pull for AU everyday of the year but one), this year you just didn’t have the stuff.

    So to all my family and AU friends – and an old sweetheart, it is with a sense of great relief that we get the next 280 days to yell…Roll Tide!

    Charles Holley, Tuscaloosa

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