The first quarter of this game was like pornography that God was cool with. Honestly, it got kinda quiet after a while. We were all just kinda lazing on the beach, or sittin’ on the dock of the bay, I guess. People were pulling out wads of cash and taking bets on whether the next play was going to be a sack. It was luxurious.

Bama was back that year, too.

“You can not play all year, you know, but you can make a big catch in the Iron Bowl and you’re going to be remembered forever in Alabama history and that’s just the way this game is. This is the game that everybody remembers.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself, Mr. Croyle.

My friend Charlie went to Kroger and got eleven paper grocery sacks and the ran back to Toomer’s before people really got there. He and Randy were stringing them across the intersection, but the cops put an end to it.



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4 responses to “2005

  1. I fear that the first half was probably the most glorious 30 minutes of football that I will ever witness. It will probably never be matched again. It kind of makes me sad.

    You are right, Bama was “back” that year and there was another 10-win year for Bama (2002) during our 6 years of domination. Auburn fans, don’t let Bammers tell you that all six years were “down” years. It’s bogus. Six years of glory for Auburn and three different Tide coaches thrown at us. And the Tigers stood tall and proud, pummeling them ALL into submission.

    War Damn Eagle! BEAT BAMA!

  2. rtr

    You’re right, we remember that team so fondly. 6-3 over a Tennessee team with a losing record, last second FG over a terrible Ole Miss team, no offensive TDs against MSU, falling 2 TDs behind So. Miss. They were one of the great ones alright, and it was so surprising to see our Great Leader Sheila bumfuzzled again.

    Congrats, that year the cripple had a really shiny new wheelchair, but that did not stop you from kicking his ass yet again.

  3. So rtr, you’ll admit that Bama rolled out six years of Bama teams that were inferior to Auburn in every way? I’d agree with you wholeheartedly. Did you hide your head in the sand and pray for a quick slaughter? I thought you Bammers had “tradition” and “pride.” What happens when Auburn beats you this year? You’ll dismiss it as “we were looking ahead to a greater goal.” When does it stop becoming excuses and when do folks finally face up to the loss?

  4. PowerOfDixieland

    This may have been my favorite Auburn game ever. Toss up between it and 2006 Florida.

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