$4 million dollars

Bama finally wins one. They finally win on their home field. It took a million years.

It was the worst game I’ve ever seen us play, capping one of the worst seasons.

War Eagle.

But I would rather lose every game we played, then win a single game, let alone a championship, under that man.

Alabama fans, we loathe you. We hate the sin, and we hate the sinner.

And the reason we hate you, is because you see that shite, and you cheer.

You see that kind of icing, and you justify it. Smart coach, smart.

(One of you just found this blog by Googling ‘Nick Saban’s Secret of Success.’ Good Lord… )

You hear the sideline reporter tell of little Nicky begging his team to run up the score, not for the fun of it, not even for themselves, but because ‘don’t you know how much I f—–g hate these guys?’ … and you’re cool with it.

That’s your coach.

Roll Tide.



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18 responses to “$4 million dollars

  1. rtr

    Um, don’t we, sort of, hate each other? If not, then why were the last 6 years a big deal?

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  3. BamaPhoto

    Get over it. You played lousy and didn’t deserve to win.

    Did you expect Bama to roll over and give it to you?

  4. tmc1

    ….Want to know why “we hate these guys”?
    Clcick on this link and you will see why everyone hates Auburn… Its not just a Bama thing, It appears that Auburn does a lot of these and nobody respects them anymore.


    When you actually start being the squeeky clean beacon of light and hope that you think you are, Auburn might have some credibility, but as long as stuff like this is happeneing no one will care what you think.
    In a sentence clean up your own house before you think about cleaning up ours.


  5. Ell

    Seriously? Moralizing about a coach’s class from an Auburn man?

    You have the gall to upset by a coach who was asking for focus in the second half – something we’ve struggled with all along – and was “caught” by a sideline reporter. A semi-private conversation between a coach and his players.

    When Tuberville walked in to Bryant-Denny Stadium on Saturday morning – a 14 point underdog about to get taken to the woodshed by 36 – he held up 7 fingers. He’d held up 6 at the conclusion of last year’s game. He’d been as smug and obnoxious as you could possibly imagine. He’d rubbed Nick Saban’s nose in his poo at the middle of Pat Dye field. Publicly.

    You laughed. You bought “Fear the Thumb” and “I Sense 7” t-shirts by the bushel.

    I’m not even going to the cut blocks above…

    You’re right. That’s class.

    War Eagle.

  6. superbamafan

    We do f-ing hate you guys and you guys f-ing hate us … if CNS wanted to run up the score, don’t you think our starters would have remained in the game and Bama would not have been running between the tackles with the second team OL and 5th string RB? Good lord. Get over yourself. AU stunk it up this year and all this whining about Coach Saban is sour grapes. But, do you care to mention the thuggish play of Ryan Pugh? Pushing players down after the play and taking shots at Bama’s DL knees?

  7. aumd87

    I don’t think anyone is disagreeing you deserved to win. It’s just the way Saban acts…he just doesn’t seem like a good guy. That’s just the way it is. He’s a mercenary and for him to say how much he f—ing hates us is kind of funny seeing as how he has basically just gone everywhere for the money, not for beating a certain opponent. Not that Tuberville is completely different, but I’m just saying.

    And it sucks to lose to Bama, but I think the thing that pisses me off the most is the way the fans act, especially on Saturday. I saw one guy with a F–K Auburn shirt that actually spelled out the word. The Auburn band was being harassed all day. People threw beer cans at us as we warmed up, threw up middle fingers, and messed with us the entire day.

    The point is, yes, you’re better this year, and I accept it. I don’t need your crass words and actions to rub it in. At least I could walk out of that stadium with my head held high knowing that I represent a great place like Auburn, win or lose. I just wish Alabama fans would think the same way when representing their school as well.

  8. bwoldfield

    Really? You think that behavior is limited to Bama fans?? You are naive. Anybody can list behavior that is despicable from other teams. I was at LSU and can’t list the amount of times I was spat upon.

    Don’t act so high and mighty because your team had it coming. Auburn’s arrogance finally caught up with them.

  9. wkw09

    Maybe someday Saban will learn that kind of class.

    P.S…we’re laughing at you.

  10. Charlie

    Come on guys, coaches say MUCH worse things than “I f-ing hate those guys” over the course of the game…how many F-bombs did Will Muschamp drop as Auburn’s Defensive Coordinator? There are some things that don’t need to be broadcast, and that was one of them.

    And speaking of shooting birds, I guess you didn’t see the Auburn team shooting birds to and taunting the Alabama student section during warmups? Yep, it happened, and Tuberville watched and said nothing.

    You might represent Auburn, but so did Tuberville when he taunted a bunch of 18-22 year old kids who just had their hearts broken by creating this whole “fear the thumb” mess. Tuberville has been as classless and dispicable as anyone, and Auburn fans loved him for it.

    These complaints regarding Saban are sour grapes. Nothing more, nothing less.

  11. It's all over

    Got 6?
    Oh wait…

  12. ROLL

    You’re a bitter little person, aren’t you?

  13. Rob

    Hope you enjoyed the six year run. You sure were tough then, why so sensitive all of a sudden? You are now officially our b&*ch again. Learn to like it cow college.

    Your daddy

    P.S. Ryan Pugh- you have zero class.

  14. Cooper71

    Good grief, moralizing from Chopblock U. That’s rich. Luthor Davis was almost crippled by #50 Sat. night. Saw it live with my own eyes.

    Oh, and news flash to the poster that says Saban is a merc. They all are. Tubs isn’t coaching Au because of the great people and excellent Arts and Museums of Lee County. It’s called 3.5 MILLION dollars per. This ain’t the 60’s coaching for the love of old State U for a buck less than the U prez.

    36-0 Fear “13”

  15. TheJoker

    Why do we hate Aufarm? Is it because they only win a grand total of 3 Iron Bowls in the 1990s, then immediately following nearly half a dozen coaching changes, NCAA sanctions, and the Mike Shula era, they suddenly win the next six*?

    Or is it because they boast their coach to be the second coming of Christ, when in reality, outside of his most successful seasons from 00-07 (which were ironically enough OUR WORST) his overall record is 35-33 and his overall record in conference play is 16-32.

    Is it because you inferior stepchildren chose to rub it in our face during our years of turmoil?

    Either way, 36-0 is something you never came close to tasting during your miraculous streak, during our period of decline, and 39 all time wins is something you dream of having over your fatherly institute. Well, you don’t so kick back and enjoy the fall of Opelika Polytechnic Institute Cowgirls football, because where we left off, prior to our downfall (winning 8 out of 12 Iron Bowls from 90-01) is where we’re picking back up at.

    I hope you’ve enjoyed it because you won’t come close to seeing success like this for a very long time, unless of course our program is thrown off the cliff again. Then you’ll sneak a few more Iron Bowl wins in, because that’s how your pathetic little backwoods program operates.

    Got Seven? You surely do! 5-7!

  16. aumd87

    Never mind. I give up. You guys won, you were better. Arguing this other stuff on the internet is stupid.

    Congrats. See you next year at our place.

    War eagle.

  17. whatever

    Seriously tmc i know you feel the need to state your opinion, but just exactly how many Auburn blogs do you write on? I mean come on there are some Alabama sites for you buddy.

  18. Jamie

    tmc needs something to do while he waits for his disability checks to arrive. He can only spend so much time fluffing his mullet.

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