Rest in Peace, 2008

Things will be fine in 2009.


War Eagle, myth of the rainy night. To cleave, to cleave…



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2 responses to “Rest in Peace, 2008

  1. Bellefay

    I don’t feel angry, sad or anything negative. More relieved this season is over if anything.

  2. Robert

    I am only angry that we didn’t manage to score. Well, that and that cheap-ass timeout Little Nicky took before the field goal. I hope that rule is thrown away in the pros and college soon.

    I look forward to next season, hopefully, with Tuberville at the helm, a very good and competent offensive coordinator, a dominating defense and an offense that can score at will.

    Of course, I realize this might take some time; I am willing to wait until the second game of the season! lol Seriously, I am an Auburn fan of many years and love the Auburn ideal. If we happen to have a good season and beat Bama this coming season, that makes it all better!

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