You deserved better Coach

By J.M. Comer


“The last 10 years have been a great time in my life, both professionally and personally,” Tommy Tuberville said today. “It’s been a great place to coach and live, and we’ve had a lot of success along the way. I’m going to remain in Auburn and help the Auburn family however I can. I’m very appreciative of the coaches, players, staff and Auburn fans over the last decade.”

ESPN this evening is reporting that Athletic Director Jay Jacobs with “prominent behind-the-scenes boosters who once tried to hire Bobby Petrino” made the decision to get rid of Tommy Tuberville, the people’s coach.

The sports network is also reporting that someone on Auburn’s BOARD OF TRUSTEES contacted Mike Leach, coach of Texas Tech, on Tuesday night.

(Click here to see ESPN’s video report.)

Boosters and trustees are still calling the shots. Remember a little thing called SACS?

Also from our friends at ESPN:

Not long after the failed coup, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), the regional accrediting agency, placed the university on probation. The agency cited the micromanagement by Lowder and the board of trustees, saying Auburn failed to prove that the university president has “ultimate control over the athletics program” as well as failing to prove that the board isn’t controlled by “a minority of board members.”

I saw it in the cold visitors seats at West Virginia before Auburn even took the field. An old bat, unfortunately an Auburn woman, in her fur coat with her grade-school son holding a sign that said “Hey Tuberville, are you smarter than a 5th grader? Just be smarter than Saban.”

Their feeling of entitlement was sickening.

Teach ’em young to be bad fans?

I saw it in the old money fans sitting on their hands in the first half of that game. Auburn was winning! And they sat there like grumps. Why were they there? I think it was just to be seen.

Our coach, Tommy Tuberville was an enemy to those in power and idiots fans with short memories.

God bless you Coach. We’ll always have 6. We’ll always have 2004. You deserved better.



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9 responses to “You deserved better Coach

  1. Objective

    Remember these words in the coming days: “But I would rather lose every game we played, then win a single game, let alone a championship, under that man.” Get ready to welcome your own mercenary as you say goodbye to a failthful servant.

  2. Jamie

    Sorry, but Tubby could only take this program so far. He did a few good things. But this team should have been playing for a NC in 2004, rather than just settling for 2nd place. It should have won more than one SEC Championship in the past ten years. And the recruits he has been getting for the past 3-4 years are sliding down the quality scale. The program needs some new leadership and excitement. If mediocrity is acceptable, then Tubby is your man. If you want to win championships, then Auburn needs a coach who is truly HUNGRY.

  3. Todd

    So which supposed coach could have had auburn “playing for a NC in 2004 rather than just settling for 2nd place” ? The only two coaches that could have done that that year were Pete Carrol and Mack Brown, by letting one of their teams lose. I cannot think of a single person I would rather have coaching the team than Tommy and the thought of them firing him makes me sick.

  4. Uncle Sam

    Did anyone catch this in today’s paper???

    ‘Colonial to Receive $550M in Bailout’
    Montgomery Advertiser

    Nice timing Bobby. But I don’t think this is how Ben Bernanke had planned for this money to stimulate our economy.

    $550,000,000 – $6,000,000 = $544,000,000 left to payoff the dozens of coaches you’ve fired in the past and dozens more you’ll fire in the future.

    Why don’t you focus your attention on running a bank and not our football team?

  5. Tom

    Amen. We’ll always have those great memories. Tuberville did and does deserve better. We wish him the best.

    Go Gators!

  6. Joe Blow

    RE: Todd

    I agree with you 100%, though it was Carrol and Stoops, not Brown. That was completely out of Tuberville’s hands.

  7. Bellefay

    Anyone in school around 2001 when Auburn had the “Lowder Leave” walkout?

    Probably time for another one.

  8. I think it’s sick how much power Lowder has on campus. He’s wanted Tuberville gone since 2003 and now he got his wish. If you’re interested, check out my Open Letter To Auburn University, on my own blog.

    Tommy – you’ll always be my hero!

  9. R Denney

    This is bad and embarrasing for AU. Expect sacs to be right behind the welcome wagon for our new coach. I thought this was a high education institution, yet we learn nothing. sad sad sad. It’s all done now and whoever we hire he’ll have my full support. War Damn Eagle.

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