UPDATE: Auburn gets permission to talk to Gill.



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7 responses to “OBAMA?

  1. PowerOfDixieland

    Welp, if Turner Gill ever sees this picture, we might as well cross his name off the list…

  2. R Denney

    If this is yur endorsement, I’d like to add my name to it.

  3. I'maUFfantomorrow

    I’m sold on Turner Gill after watching him beat an undefeated Ball St. to win the MAC. Buffalo was 1-10 the year before he took over. In 3 years he won the MAC and is 8-5. However, after looking at his schedule results this year, w/ 3 narrow losses, Buffalo could have be 11-2. This is freggin Buffalo. That program is garbage. Not only does his record speak for itself but he seems like a solid man that knows how to run things the right way. Something those effers across the state can’t say about their coach.

  4. …..Turner Gill’s a superb coach. However, he’s never worked in the South. He’d have to get up to speed on the area…

    …..I’d take Gill over Leach, Nutt, Fisher, or Petrino, DEFINITELY!

  5. Jimbo

    looks like something is in the works (be it real or a decoy)…..

  6. bart

    Hire Turner Gill. He wants to compete and is FIRED UP about it.

  7. brocopter


    i would agree with you, however he grew up in texas and played at nebraska so it’s not like he’s a total yankee… i think he would adjust well to auburn. he does seem like a genuine guy, i wouldn’t mind him replacing tubby.

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