“No, no … this is important….”

A little more distraction from the ticklish, picklish rumor cyphering and peculiar logic of the coaching search, which Auburn fans, unlike those of most other SEC schools, have never had to endure under the full, blogtastic weight of the internet.

This is what it was supposed to be like. AUTiger96 was going to weave it into his seven-in-a-row highlight montage. The eye roll in her voice, the ‘duh’ nonchalance, was going to say it all. Seven in a row. Expected. Done deal. Take it to the bank, Ol’ Blue Eyes…

Put it all on ’09 …

(and special thanks to AUTiger96 for the actual work… he only had one video this year – that says more than anything really… and though I’m still, at present, a Gill man, if it’s coaching rumor and primo rumor analysis you want, head to Jerry’s…)


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One response to ““No, no … this is important….”

  1. I have a very, very important request for the readers of TWER that might still have recorded footage of the Iron Bowl. The chances of this are slim: the game has probably been erased from your TiVos and your memories. (Maybe it is rattling around back there in the dark recesses of your mind.)

    Granted this is juvenile, but damnit, it’s important: In the third or fourth quarter (it’s a painful blur to me) the camera pans from left to right at a line of Bama majorettes sitting in the stands in front of the band (they are called “Crimsonettes.” Barf.) The second or third to last Crimsonette does something incredible: She shoves her thumb in her nose, digs, and then shoves that thumb in her mouth.

    This is ammunition people!

    Bama fan: “We gave you seven all right, seven loses! Har! Har! Har!”

    Majestic Auburn fan, handsome and toned: “Your Crimsonettes eat their boogers.”

    It’s not much, but it’s something. Can AUTiger96 whip something up? Can someone else? I beg of you!

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