Merry ChristMus?

The hottest latest indicates this sign could … could … double it’s irony … or its irony could reverse field …  sometime today…

I was so proud of my feral skepticism towards last year’s ‘done deal’ newscasts from Arkansas, but they were reporting a nonsensical, lateral-at-best move for Tuberville.

This would make a bit more sense.

And despite the sour taste the boggle-the-mind, fly-by-night, dash-dash-dash (taste Will’s Jan. 2 prediction again for the first time!) departure left in the mouth of my heart, despite my Gill thrills (but man, I’d be all about him), I’d be kinda all about it.

Just because, you know

UPDATE at 7 a.m. CST: Check out what WSFA 12 of Montgomery is “reporting” (I’m putting it in quotes because they are writing about a weak rumor at best):

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) – The WSFA 12 Sports team has learned that Auburn University may be close to offering its head coaching job, and that person could be South Carolina’s Steve Spurrier.

The “may” was in bold on their site. Click here to read the rest.

Remember a TV news station in Arkansas last year was reporting from “sources” that Tuberville was the next head coach of Arkansas. This time we have a “source in the coaching profession.”

UPDATE at 10:45 a.m. CST: Evan Woodbery of the Mobile Press-Register just got a statement from Muschamp:

“I have not interviewed for any jobs. I’m not interested in any jobs. I’m happy here, my family loves Austin and I’m going to be at Texas.”


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One response to “Merry ChristMus?

  1. warrrreag-L!

    this freaking just gets worse and worse. i don’t understand for the life of me, why we don’t just hire turner gill!!! and give him the resources to bring over rodney garner as dc and pat nix as oc. they would bring over strong auburn ties and great knowledge of southeastern recruiting. i’d would also try to retain james willis and eddie gran for continuity.

    why is this so difficult??? everyday we waste chasing down the next hot rumor, the more we harm our team and incoming recruits and the less i want to renew my season tickets.

    i really hope for a swift conclusion to this debacle!

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