Chizik is the Ed Orgeron of the Big 12

By J.M. Comer

UPDATE @ 4:55 p.m. CST: Gene Chizik is Auburn’s head coach?!?!? This is what we were waiting for? says it is a done deal.

The best of luck to you, Coach Chizik. You had better hit the ground running. 1,000 miles an hour.

AuburnTron makes note of the situation. The Joe Cribbs Carwash too. Phillip Marshall at Auburn Undercover says it is “wrong.”

Iowa State head coach Gene Chizik is supposedly topping the list of coaches in the running to take over the Auburn University football program.

Gene Chizik, a former defensive coach at Auburn and Texas, was 0-8 in conference play this year in the Big 12 North. Think about it: He’s like the Big 12 version of former University of Mississippi head coach Ed Orgeron, who didn’t win a game against SEC opponents last year, also finishing conference play 0-8. Orgeron was then fired.

Seriously? Chizik is who Auburn wants to hire to replace Tommy Tuberville?

Iowa Iowa St Football
Ronald McDonald’s rich uncle grasps Gene Chizik.

Coach Chizik has a 2-14 record in Big 12 conference play in two years.

Please see the records of some of the teams that Chizik lost to!

Losses in 2007: Kent State (3-9), Northern Iowa (11-0, Division 1-AA), Toledo (5-7), Nebraska (5-7), Texas Tech (9-4), Texas (10-3), Oklahoma (11-3), Missouri (12-2), Kansas (12-1).

2007 Wins: Iowa (6-6), Kansas St. (5-7), Colorado (6-7).

Losses in 2008: Iowa (8-4), UNLV (5-7), Kansas (7-5), Baylor (4-8), Nebraska (8-4), Texas A&M (4-8), Oklahoma St. (9-3), Colorado (5-7), Missouri (9-4), Kansas St. (5-7).

2008 Wins: South Dakota State (7-5), Kent State (4-8).

Gene Chizik, as a head coach has beaten ONE team with a winning record: the South Dakota State Jackrabbits. Unbelievable.

Chizik has 18 losses for his two seasons at Iowa State. Ten of those losses were to teams with winning records; eight losses were to teams with a losing record.

Chizik’s signature win was over the University of Iowa in 2007. That Iowa team finished the season at 6-6.

Also please see this column today on ESPN. Here is an excerpt:

A Dallas Fort-Worth radio talk show host claimed that he had been told by an Oklahoma State assistant coach that Chizik had told him he regretted taking the Iowa State job and was more happy winning games as Texas’ defensive coordinator.

Chizik doesn’t have the stomach to be a head coach, according to this claim.

I don’t think I have the stomach either: I’m going to be sick.



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3 responses to “Chizik is the Ed Orgeron of the Big 12

  1. is this a bad dream?

    this damn season just gets worse and worse…

    we ran off tubs for $6 million to bring in chizik?
    gotta love it when a plan comes together. %$^#@^


  2. Tom

    Maybe they pray good together?

  3. Jimbo

    I think I’m going to be chizick.

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