I think I’m going to be Chizick

I wanted my life back.
I got kicked in the balls.

… the balls of my Auburn heart.

It’s not about Chizik, per se (I mean, War Eagle, 2004 forever, hi-five). It’s about Jacobs. It’s about whateverpowersthatbe. I mean, I’m a defender. Big time. I’m a rose-colored-benefit-of-the-doubter like you’ve never seen.

But it is totes official: the emperor, whoever he is, has no clothes.

About 30 fans gathered at the airport, many of which heckled the four men as they deplaned. One man stepped ahead of the reporters and booed loudly, waving his arms up and down with his thumbs pointed downward. He continued to do so during Jacobs’ 33-second interview, which did not confirm nor deny earlier reports that Chizik had been hired.

It’s scary.

Iowa State players finding out Chizik was hired ... as THEIR coach... seriously.

Iowa State players finding out Chizik was hired ... as THEIR coach... two years ago ... seriously.

Even were we to somehow go 13-0 again next year, it would, somehow, still feel like the wrong decision.*

So obviously wrong that, to paraphrase a convo with Chris Shelling Jr., people you didn’t even think were into football are randomly texting you “God is dead.”

… and showing up at the airport not for manboob autographs or DUI arrests, but to boo the president and the athletic director.

But no offense, coach. Seriously. And nice tie. Seriously.

War Eagle, coach.

Let’s find as many of these type photos as we can… War Eagle.

*post-title is a Jimbo original…

** That’s easy to say right now…

Mid-morning update from J.M.

A night of fitful sleep did not help my outlook on this. Some of Chizik’s words this morning on his hire:

“Through my travels in coaching over the last 23 years, there’s one place that I’ve always wanted to return to and that is Auburn,” Chizik said. “The tradition of the Auburn football program combined with the passionate fans and their love for Auburn are second to none. My family and I are Auburn through and through, and look forward to being part of the Auburn family and community.”

Coach, if you loved Her so much, then why did you leave Her in the first place? For the same position at the University of Texas no less? It was insulting, baby.


You owe us some roses and a foot rub, Coach Chizik. Dinner with orange and blue candles would be nice.



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5 responses to “I think I’m going to be Chizick

  1. Matt Lane

    I told Shelling Jr. that “God is Dead” after he told me to PRAY. Maybe I was overreacting, but The Good Lord has obviously turned his back on this situation. Gouge and Jacobs are either big bama fans or godless demons straight from the pits of HELL.

  2. Brian Eoff

    Great site, by the way. Sorry I am posting my first comment on a day such as this.

    Depression. I am in a deep depression. I will remember the good years, the student season tickets to an undefeated season. Six straight years. The players that came through, Rodgers, McNeil, Williams, Brown, the names go on.

    I gave Tubbs a mulligan for this season. I looked to the future. What would Kodi be with a year as QB1 under his belt? Would Mario Fanin be the next great Auburn running back? Would Neiko Thorpe become a lock down corner? How good would Ray Cotton be?

    And then Tubbs was fired. Oh, yes he was fired. For days I was lost. There were rumors about who would be next. The names were flying fast and furious: Leech, Spurrier, Johnson, and so forth.

    Then I saw Turner Gill. I saw a man who took a team that had never won and made them into winners. He was young. He was passionate. He cared about his players.

    I wanted Turner Gill to be our next coach.

    Was he a risk? Oh, hell yes. It was the right risk though.

    We aren’t getting Gill, and I want someone to tell me why? We are getting a loser for a head coach. Someone who bolted to Austin the first chance he got. Someone who so far has been ineffective as a head coach.

    Jacobs is a joke, a coward, and a Lowder puppet.

    For the first time in my life, I’m not really interested in following Auburn football.

    Who needs a drink?

  3. ike

    brian, i couldn’t of said it any better myself. i’m right there with you.

    i’m a season ticket holder, who at this moment, has no interest in renewing them next year. luckily for auburn, i am an auburn nut and they still have 4 months to regain my support before the money is due in april. but right now, i’m awful chizick, and the last thing i want to do is give anymore money to a jay jacobs led athletics department. since he took over in ’06, all 3 of our major sports (football, basketball and baseball) have gone downhill. he’s run off auburn legends dave marsh and tommy tuberville. not to mention will muschamp. he maybe an ‘auburn’ man, but i have absolutely no confidence in him and the cronies that pull his strings.

    this season from hell can’t seem to end soon enough! make the bad man stop.

  4. Todd

    “Gouge and Jacobs are either big bama fans or godless demons straight from the pits of HELL.”

    Can that really be an either-or statement? Isn’t that like saying the two jays are either retarded or mentally challenged?

    This hire makes no sense whatsoever. A defensive coordinator under Tubby is who they need right now? For God’s sake, why would you want Blue Bunny vanilla when you had Blue Bell vanilla there already?

    He took a team that was 11-12 the two years prior to his hire and went 5-19 with them? And that warrants $2 mil a year and the chance to take over the auburn tigers?


  5. R Denney

    Uh? I know I must have flown through a wormhole and none of this is real. Ouch, no, the pain is real enough. Was there not a statement that money was not an issue and jacobs essentially had a blank check? This is the best money can buy? 5-19 in Big 12 = 3-21 in SEC. We could have done better with former Syracuse coach Greg Robinson, at least he beat a couple non FBS teams. Welcome back Coach Barfield, I mean Chizik, we could only be lucky enough to get Barfield quality.

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