Tommy Trott sums up Auburn football

In describing “how jacked” Coach Chizik was in his first meeting with the team, Tommy Trott lays out a pearl:

“In a weird way, it’s very inspiring.”

With these words, 2009 is born.

(Hold on to your wigs and keys.)

War Eagle.



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5 responses to “Tommy Trott sums up Auburn football

  1. If we’re going for weirdly inspiring speeches, then why not Mike Leach? That guy is the king of the weird-o, yet motivating, speech.

  2. today i’m attempting to be calm. i read what the players had to say about meeting Chizik and thought, “maybe this won’t be so terrible after all” and then i read that he fired ALL the assistant coaches (including WILLIS?!?!) and i just reverted back to “shoot me in the face” mode.

  3. ike

    I wish I could refute this story that is on the front of ESPN.COM right now. But, at the moment I having tough time disagreeing with it.

    I’m trying hard to drink the Kool-Aid being pushed by the Athletic Department and get behind Chizik, because Auburn is my team through thick and thin. But, currently it is still a pill too big for me to swallow.

    48-Hours later… The Chizik decision still baffles me and the more I think about it… It is looking likely that it will have to get a lot worse for Auburn before the necessary changes are made to remove the impediments preventing the type of success we all know Auburn can attain.

    War Eagle

  4. Brian Eoff

    It has been my experience that ESPN comment forums digress into vile back and forth screaming matches. Anytime a subject such as race comes up it seems to ratchet up the name calling and general air of stupidity.

    Barkley is loud. Barkley is over the top. Barkley is opinionated.

    Barkley is right. I wanted Turner Gill because I thought he was a great up and coming coach. I thought he could mentor a young QB. I thought he would bring passion to our team. I also admit I was intrigued because of his race. I believed that he might have a easier time recruiting in the south because of his race. An overwhelming number of players in the SEC are African American. I believed, right or wrong, that Gill might be able to get his foot in the door as far as recruiting goes because of this.

    Is that awful of me to say? I don’t think so. For years Notre Dame had a in when it came to recruiting Catholic high school players. Don’t think BYU can get Mormon kids to come play their a little more easily?

    Maybe it doesn’t matter. After all Nick Saban and Philip Fulmer are incredible recruiters and they have no cultural similarities to the young men that they are betting their futures on.

    I thought Turner Gill would perform as far as recruiting goes in a similar fashion as Shannon at Miami. I also don’t believe it is a coincidence that I hope Randy Shannon exceeds and respect how he has cleaned up the U.

    No one, no one, has explained to my liking why Gill was not hired. Did his interview go that poorly? Why are we hiring a man who given the choice to stay or leave choose to leave? He jumped ship pretty quickly. He is not an Auburn man. He used Auburn as a stepping stool. That is fine, but don’t come back telling me otherwise.

    Lets put our cards on the table here, Bobby Lowder picked Chizik. Can anyone tell me they believe differently?

  5. Joe Blow

    re: Brian Eoff

    I can. Say what you will about Lowder, but I don’t think he’s that dense.

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