Press Conference

I’m sure everyone’s seen it by now.

I just got around to it.

Somethin’ about the way he said, right at the beginning, ‘We always had the conversation, where do we want to end up? Where do we want to be?” …

… he totally sounds like a preacher.

“Where do we want to end up… final destination… great vision… Dr. Gouge … final resting place… and I say that I’m blessed… (the way he looks down to swish the wife and kids joke)… relationships… I feel blessed … my pastor is here, he’s still praying over me… ”

Seriously. This is Sunday morning. Every head bowed and every eye closed. It’s the total inflection and meter of a preacher. Bro. Chizik. I dig it. At least at the pulpit.



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3 responses to “Press Conference

  1. hail mary

    this is one thing i have never really understood… i don’t mean to offend anyone, but are we talking about the violent game of football or missonary work in burma? do we need to switch our name to the east alabama bible school holly rollers? because sometimes i feel like i am watching the 700 club rather than college football.
    does anyone know if there is a hidden prerequisite that all auburn football coaches have to baptist preachers? if so, then turner gill must have been methodist, because not only was he a better coach than chizik, i think he’s a better preacher too.

    (sorry, i know its spilled milk)

  2. I totally agree with the comment Chizik aka “Cheezstick” sounding like a preacher. All I can say was the spirit was definitely not moving in that press conference. I know with God we are all winners, but with “Cheezstick” we are all losers.

  3. At first, I was in shock over the Chizik hire. If his record at Iowa State had been reversed: 19-5, I would have been excited. His record at Auburn and Texas was stellar. I can’t believe he became a mediocre coach after Texas. I can believe that if he went into a program that was in total disarray, which was apparently true at Iowa State, that he would have had a few dismal years. It is reported that he played 11 true freshmen as starters this year at Iowa State. That means that he mostly likely had some underachieving upper-classmen playing, on both sides of the ball. The bottom line after listening to Chizik and to a plethora of football experts, Auburn may have made a very good hire. I want to hear who he hires as his offensive and defensive coaches. That’s going to “tell the tale.” War Eagle and beat Bama in 2009!!! LB

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