Thanks Tommy…

AU96’s pièce de resistance. Where’s the Kleenex? War Eagle forever.



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2 responses to “Thanks Tommy…

  1. I got an Auburn heart.
    I got an Auburn soul.
    And I’m a hard fightin’ soldier.

    (If you suggest to him to fade/blend that bit of the song into the 2004 locker room singing you will be able to sell AU branded hankerchiefs as the day is long, I assure you.)

    A few things, now that we’ve all reflected for several days. My favorite images from the era will be Courtney Taylor taking a knee after tying LSU and the players coming out of the tunnel with their arms linked up.

    The former because it is evocative of the character of the young men that Auburn is often so fortunate to recruit. The latter because when they came out like that it usually meant the other team was about to get it handed to them.

    Finally, there’s a big need in all of this (being the change, not the video) to somewhere add Jim Fyffe somehow. Our last up front pitchmen that he covered are now all gone from the scene.

    If Chizik wasn’t harkening back to the Dye days you could take the above ‘graph and say it wasn’t the end of an era, but rather the end of an epoch.

    But keep it down home cuz.

    Merry Christmas!

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