Who Da’ Mahn

Combine Auburn’s offensive production against Vandy, Tennessee, Arkansas and Bama

and you only get six more yards than Tulsa got against UTEP.

Score one for The Chiznit.

(tip of the finger to Chris Shelling Jr.)

UPDATE: Auburntron links an ESPN interview with Malzahn.



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4 responses to “Who Da’ Mahn

  1. Paul

    “Score one for Chiznit”

    So I take it your not “Chizik” anymore. Gotta love fair weather fans.

    Anyways, Lets hope Malzahn can run the spread better than Tony Franklin ever could.

  2. thewareaglereader

    Making a pun is not fair weatherdom. Nor is mourning (seemingly) missed opportunities. I said ‘War Eagle’ loud and proud at the end of that post. You’re an Auburn fan — start reading like one.
    Thanks for writing.
    War Eagle.

  3. matt

    the bear was the man, Saban is the man…little brother aint no man and never will be- go to hell you stupid barner

  4. tip of the finger?

    if that wasn’t an unintentional mix-up…
    sometimes i think i’m not clever enough to get the war eagle reader… but i still love it. sort of like south park. 😉

    war eagle!

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