Toomer’s Rumors and Boomers resurrection 12.29.08

I’ve been planning a state of the union. Not really planning, just thinking about it. But where to start. This was the strangest year yet for Auburn football. Auburn fans have never had to cope with regime change under the full blogtastic weight of the internet. In that, we were alone in the SEC, save for the Volunteers. Rumors of defections and coordinators galore, yes. But never the hyperactive trauma of a head coaching firesignation / search. There were riots. Shoes were being thrown. Hecklers. Forest fires. Pirates. And now suddenly Chizik is an anchor with a white hot vision. And now suddenly, Gus Malzahn. And now suddenly, we can sleep. Zzzzzzzz.

War Eagle.

I’m gonna start it back up. The whole W0rks-style thing Jerry does? It’s too fun. I gotta do something.  Jerry’s is a bit more succinct than TR&B ever was / will be, but I gotta do something. .

Speaking of Jerry…


Jerry Hinnen. Spencer Hall. You never see them together…

Chris Shelling Jr., you sweet holiday angel!

Earlier today, I was driving at high speeds with Billy Childish. The car in front of me had a bumper sticker reading: SABAN/PALIN ‘O8 with a picture of palin wearing a bear bryant hat. I sped past them and mimed the throat slash motion to the driver. Jihad.

Of course, I wish the young man would have made the right decision, but perhaps his deviance will expedite the polygamizing of the Tide come whenever the game is. Make them your wives, Utah… cause I mean, even Mike Shula had Bama back for a two loss season.

By the way, the AP has deemed Bama finally winning some games as the number one story in the state of Alabama for 2008. That we started losing games is number two.

“I came here to help him win and that’s what I’m going to do.”



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One response to “Toomer’s Rumors and Boomers resurrection 12.29.08

  1. Tech_Sucks

    Boy, you can’t help but refer every Saban win to the Mike Shula era.

    I realize Shula was your guys’ doormat to success, but it’s over and done with.

    Unlike your new superior, Shula never had a top five recruiting class; never defeated LSU or Opelika-Tech (and only defeated Tennessee ONCE by 3 points); only had ONE bowl win on his resume; and in two years, he posted an 11-14 record.

    If you’re so AUbsessed with “the good ole days” of Mike Shula coaching in the SEC, then you’re in luck, because HIS CLONE HAS RETURNED and his name is Gene Cheezit!

    And even though your hopes of Utah “making your father their wives” won’t happen, but even if it did it’s not going to overshadow the fact that we made you guys our own personal female dog by way of 36-0. Again, 36-0, something Mr. Tuberville never could do during our years of sorrow.

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