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Tommy Trott sums up Auburn football

In describing “how jacked” Coach Chizik was in his first meeting with the team, Tommy Trott lays out a pearl:

“In a weird way, it’s very inspiring.”

With these words, 2009 is born.

(Hold on to your wigs and keys.)

War Eagle.


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And into the night…

Best TVE photo ever…

Auburn Football Coach Chizik

UPDATE: Fields of Donahue was at the airport. Report? “Overwhelmingly positive…”

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Coach Chizik lands

From auteur Charles Goldberg (did anyone see his searchamentary from New York? Genius.)…

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more about “Coach Chizik lands. “, posted with vodpod

This makes me feel good, because I mean, I’ve said it like a million times this season, but I can’t feel any worse, right? And there’s some personality there…
We’re going to give him a chance, because that’s the only thing we can do.
And it’s going to be a real chance.
I could go into all the stuff, and it’d be great. The firesignation, the search…
But I’m just going to call it a year on all that. We’ll save it for some awesome history later on.
Right now, War Eagle.

War Eagle, coach. Like the man said, welcome home.

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Herbstreit on Chizik

The irony is as delicious as January sugar: the first positive reaction – predicated on his role in Auburn’s stifling 11 points per game 2004 defense – to the Chizik hire from the national media comes from Kirk Herbstreit, who’s notoriously inexplicable “still-a-lot-to-prove” about-face in the wake of what was arguably our most dominant game (Georgia) of what was arguably our most dominant season – the one game he said would prove we deserved a shot at #1 – still best captures the injustice of ’04.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Which, hey, might answer J.M.’s ‘why’d you leave for Texas, coach?’ — you can’t win a damn national title at Auburn going 13-0 and only giving up 11 points per game? Hell, go to Texas, make it easy on yourself. The undefeated 2005 Longhorns gave up 16 points per game.

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I think I’m going to be Chizick

I wanted my life back.
I got kicked in the balls.

… the balls of my Auburn heart.

It’s not about Chizik, per se (I mean, War Eagle, 2004 forever, hi-five). It’s about Jacobs. It’s about whateverpowersthatbe. I mean, I’m a defender. Big time. I’m a rose-colored-benefit-of-the-doubter like you’ve never seen.

But it is totes official: the emperor, whoever he is, has no clothes.

About 30 fans gathered at the airport, many of which heckled the four men as they deplaned. One man stepped ahead of the reporters and booed loudly, waving his arms up and down with his thumbs pointed downward. He continued to do so during Jacobs’ 33-second interview, which did not confirm nor deny earlier reports that Chizik had been hired.

It’s scary.

Iowa State players finding out Chizik was hired ... as THEIR coach... seriously.

Iowa State players finding out Chizik was hired ... as THEIR coach... two years ago ... seriously.

Even were we to somehow go 13-0 again next year, it would, somehow, still feel like the wrong decision.*

So obviously wrong that, to paraphrase a convo with Chris Shelling Jr., people you didn’t even think were into football are randomly texting you “God is dead.”

… and showing up at the airport not for manboob autographs or DUI arrests, but to boo the president and the athletic director.

But no offense, coach. Seriously. And nice tie. Seriously.

War Eagle, coach.

Let’s find as many of these type photos as we can… War Eagle.

*post-title is a Jimbo original…

** That’s easy to say right now…

Mid-morning update from J.M.

A night of fitful sleep did not help my outlook on this. Some of Chizik’s words this morning on his hire:

“Through my travels in coaching over the last 23 years, there’s one place that I’ve always wanted to return to and that is Auburn,” Chizik said. “The tradition of the Auburn football program combined with the passionate fans and their love for Auburn are second to none. My family and I are Auburn through and through, and look forward to being part of the Auburn family and community.”

Coach, if you loved Her so much, then why did you leave Her in the first place? For the same position at the University of Texas no less? It was insulting, baby.


You owe us some roses and a foot rub, Coach Chizik. Dinner with orange and blue candles would be nice.


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Chizik is the Ed Orgeron of the Big 12

By J.M. Comer

UPDATE @ 4:55 p.m. CST: Gene Chizik is Auburn’s head coach?!?!? This is what we were waiting for? says it is a done deal.

The best of luck to you, Coach Chizik. You had better hit the ground running. 1,000 miles an hour.

AuburnTron makes note of the situation. The Joe Cribbs Carwash too. Phillip Marshall at Auburn Undercover says it is “wrong.”

Iowa State head coach Gene Chizik is supposedly topping the list of coaches in the running to take over the Auburn University football program.

Gene Chizik, a former defensive coach at Auburn and Texas, was 0-8 in conference play this year in the Big 12 North. Think about it: He’s like the Big 12 version of former University of Mississippi head coach Ed Orgeron, who didn’t win a game against SEC opponents last year, also finishing conference play 0-8. Orgeron was then fired.

Seriously? Chizik is who Auburn wants to hire to replace Tommy Tuberville?

Iowa Iowa St Football
Ronald McDonald’s rich uncle grasps Gene Chizik.

Coach Chizik has a 2-14 record in Big 12 conference play in two years.

Please see the records of some of the teams that Chizik lost to!

Losses in 2007: Kent State (3-9), Northern Iowa (11-0, Division 1-AA), Toledo (5-7), Nebraska (5-7), Texas Tech (9-4), Texas (10-3), Oklahoma (11-3), Missouri (12-2), Kansas (12-1).

2007 Wins: Iowa (6-6), Kansas St. (5-7), Colorado (6-7).

Losses in 2008: Iowa (8-4), UNLV (5-7), Kansas (7-5), Baylor (4-8), Nebraska (8-4), Texas A&M (4-8), Oklahoma St. (9-3), Colorado (5-7), Missouri (9-4), Kansas St. (5-7).

2008 Wins: South Dakota State (7-5), Kent State (4-8).

Gene Chizik, as a head coach has beaten ONE team with a winning record: the South Dakota State Jackrabbits. Unbelievable.

Chizik has 18 losses for his two seasons at Iowa State. Ten of those losses were to teams with winning records; eight losses were to teams with a losing record.

Chizik’s signature win was over the University of Iowa in 2007. That Iowa team finished the season at 6-6.

Also please see this column today on ESPN. Here is an excerpt:

A Dallas Fort-Worth radio talk show host claimed that he had been told by an Oklahoma State assistant coach that Chizik had told him he regretted taking the Iowa State job and was more happy winning games as Texas’ defensive coordinator.

Chizik doesn’t have the stomach to be a head coach, according to this claim.

I don’t think I have the stomach either: I’m going to be sick.


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Amen…Pull the trigger, JJ…

From Auburntron

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