X almost marked the spot

I talked with Exene Cervenka from X the other day. I got real excited for a second. Not quite Bjork excited, but definitely excited.


Moi: Have you ever been to Auburn?

Exene: Well, we played there. About a million years ago. You have a big football team, right?  I think we played one of those football years. I don’t remember. I might have it mixed up with Birmingham or something. Does Birmingham, Alabama have the elephant mascot?

Moi: Oh man… that’s Tuscaloosa. Those are the bad guys.

Exene: Oh. Man, I got mixed up. I was young. I was drunk. It was a long time ago. It was football. It was surreal. I got mixed up.

Moi: You would have liked Auburn better.

Exene: I probably would have.

Me: Do you watch American Idol?

Exene: I do not.



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2 responses to “X almost marked the spot

  1. ehyoutiger

    I googled these guys, so I now know they’re a punk band. I don’t like punk, but I do like the fact that he stays drunk and doesn’t watch American Idol.

  2. J.M.

    J.D. — good to see X up as the main photo and not Maniac Saban. War Eagle! A photographer from The Anniston Star, Bill Wilson, let me look at a lot of photos that he took when X played Birmingham in the early ’80s. Oh man, was Exene sexxxxxxy then!

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