Toomer’s Rumors and Boomers — 8.10.09

First off, today’s random Glomerata image comes from 1967, page 169. War Eagle!


Random News Roundup

In a Sporting News interview, free agent running back Shaun Alexander tows the company line regarding 6 losses in a row (“We were on probation! waaaah! waaaaaaaah!”):

Q: I sit next to an Auburn guy. You’re an Alabama guy. Is there anything nice you can say to him?

Alexander: Umm … yeah. Congratulations on beating us six years in a row. It would take us to be on probation for you to win a couple of them in a row. But congratulations. You did it while we were on probation. Cool. But man, you haven’t scored in like two years against us. I don’t know what’s wrong with y’all.

Chris Low at ESPN has Auburn ranked #10 out of 12 teams in the SEC in his power rankings:

10. Auburn: It seems like everybody in the SEC (with the exception of Florida and Ole Miss) has some sort of issue at quarterback. The Tigers are sort of like the Vols. The same guys are back that struggled mightily last season. Plus, offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn is putting in a new spread offense. It’s going to take some time, and first-year coach Gene Chizik has said himself that he doesn’t want people to have “illusions of grandeur.” The defense will be good enough, though, that the Tigers will still be a tough out.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution takes a look at billboards by Auburn and Tennessee invading the Atlanta metro area (I had no idea there were 20 of them!):

Auburn also has encroached on Georgia and Georgia Tech’s turf, renting out more than 20 billboards that promote the school and football team in metro Atlanta.

The signs feature a Tigers helmet, the school’s familiar Tiger eyes and two messages — “Fearless and True,” from the school fight song, and “Choose Auburn.” asks Toledo Rockets head coach Tim Beckman about how to look at a football schedule, Pat Dye style!

Q: … [Y]ou also mentioned during the spring that you were going through and playing one game at a time with an opponent for each practice and then playing against that team. It’s probably too early for that, but I assume the same thing is going to happen here …

Beckman: No, first meeting we went over that schedule right up there (pointing at a giant schedule poster on the wall). We talked about my first year in coaching with Pat Dye down at Auburn. We ended up third of fourth in the country; we had a great, great football team. I think we got beat in the Sugar Bowl. He taught me that you need to teach your players how to attack that schedule. That schedules up there for a reason. That’s everybody’s ambition. We want to be at that last date up there on that schedule board (MAC Championship Game), so we talked about that with the whole team in here and where we need to be in each one of these situations. Later on in camp here we’re going to get back here to Purdue, they’re the first opponent.


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  1. Tree

    These billboards have also made their way down south to Mobile.

    The spread offense won’t work in the SEC.

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