Tecmo Bo knows shoes

tecmo bo shoe close up

Nike has tackled the Tecmo Bo meme.

The shoe giant’s recently released tribute to his 1989 digital counterpart makes Bo Jackson, God’s gift to God, the first person ever awesome enough to have their 20-year-old video game character awesome enough to have his own line of shoes.

Repeat: There are Tecmo Bo shoes.

If Real Bo ever put these on, God help us all…



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4 responses to “Tecmo Bo knows shoes

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  2. Neal

    It’s official. Bo Jackson is the most awesome person ever.

  3. Excerpt from Bo Jackson’s Q&A with Newsweek’s Matthew Philips this year.

    Phillips: I have to ask: Did you ever play Nintendo’s “Tecmo Bowl”?

    Bo: No, but people ask me that all the time. I guess I was pretty good in it.

    Phillips: No — you were unstoppable.

    Bo: When I want to play a video game, I just go to my basement and plug in “Ms. Pac-Man.” I guess I’m a product of the ’80s.

  4. Tree

    Tecmo Bowl is the best sports video game of all time, with the overpowering of Bo to be its only “flaw” (if you wanna call it that). This game is the template all football games are modeled after to this day (Madden included).

    When I was a kid, choosing the Raiders was considered cheating.

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