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Tecmo Bo knows shoes

tecmo bo shoe close up

Nike has tackled the Tecmo Bo meme.

The shoe giant’s recently released tribute to his 1989 digital counterpart makes Bo Jackson, God’s gift to God, the first person ever awesome enough to have their 20-year-old video game character awesome enough to have his own line of shoes.

Repeat: There are Tecmo Bo shoes.

If Real Bo ever put these on, God help us all…


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Project End Zone: Authentic, Mysterious…

Kate O’Neil’s phone has been ringing off the hook all morning with calls from Alabama area-codes, all for naught.

O’Neil is the producer for Authentic Films… just not the Authentic Films that recently partnered with the Auburn ISP Sports Network  to produce “Hard Knocks: Auburn” “Auburn Football: Every Day…,” a documentary series about, that’s right, Auburn football.

AuburnFootballDocumentary“It’s a great idea for schools,” she says. “I wish we were doing it.”

So likely did any Auburn fans who checked out the Cleveland-based group’s website: the creative forces behind  documentaries of people running across America and mockumentaries on film school culture could surely have crafted the stretch Hummer of football reality television – Auburn’s latest headline-hungry move in Recruiting 2.0.

Not that the Authentic Films that is on the clock can’t, it’s just that no one – O’Neil included – seems to know anything about them: the only result of a Google search for “Authentic Films” + the names of the men Auburn lists as the company’s founders is the press release from the university.

“I have no ideal who they are,” O’Neil says. “If you find out, tell me, so I can pass along the messages.”

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Writers, photographers wanted

toarmsThe War Eagle Reader is readying for the big time and needs your help.
If you live in Auburn – or if you don’t but thrill with enough Auburn Spirit to fake it – and if you can write (Football? Music? Food? Profiles?) or take photos or shoot video and if you would like to make some money doing it, please write ASAP to for more details. If you can’t, but know of someone who can, please spread the word.
War Eagle.

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TWER Salutes #21 Eltoro Freeman!

"The Bully Bull of Benjamin Russell High!" (Inspired by the archaic nicknames of Auburn football players past.)

Don't lock horns with "The Bully Bull of Benjamin Russell High!" (Inspired by the archaic nicknames of Auburn football players past.)

The Montgomery Advertiser says, “AU’s Freeman goes full speed full time

The Dothan Eagle gushes, “Eltoro Freeman standing out among Auburn linebackers

The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer exclaims, “Auburn’s Freeman bringing energy to linebacker position

Be his MySpace friend?

Hopefully, this fall, the solid gold hits from “The Bull” will keep coming!

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Jason Campbell on cover of Sports Illustrated

There’s a game after the game in the NFL—former quarterback Bernie Kosar used to call it the fifth quarter—in which the starting QB is supposed to send an upbeat signal to the press and the public. Watching Campbell work the crowd at Redskins Park, you’d think he’d majored in Fifth Quarter at Auburn.

Read the rest…

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Visions of ’57: Auburn 29, Florida St. 7

From the 1958 Glomerata:



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