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Toomer’s Rumors and Boomers — 8.10.09

First off, today’s random Glomerata image comes from 1967, page 169. War Eagle!


Random News Roundup

In a Sporting News interview, free agent running back Shaun Alexander tows the company line regarding 6 losses in a row (“We were on probation! waaaah! waaaaaaaah!”):

Q: I sit next to an Auburn guy. You’re an Alabama guy. Is there anything nice you can say to him?

Alexander: Umm … yeah. Congratulations on beating us six years in a row. It would take us to be on probation for you to win a couple of them in a row. But congratulations. You did it while we were on probation. Cool. But man, you haven’t scored in like two years against us. I don’t know what’s wrong with y’all.

Chris Low at ESPN has Auburn ranked #10 out of 12 teams in the SEC in his power rankings:

10. Auburn: It seems like everybody in the SEC (with the exception of Florida and Ole Miss) has some sort of issue at quarterback. The Tigers are sort of like the Vols. The same guys are back that struggled mightily last season. Plus, offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn is putting in a new spread offense. It’s going to take some time, and first-year coach Gene Chizik has said himself that he doesn’t want people to have “illusions of grandeur.” The defense will be good enough, though, that the Tigers will still be a tough out.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution takes a look at billboards by Auburn and Tennessee invading the Atlanta metro area (I had no idea there were 20 of them!):

Auburn also has encroached on Georgia and Georgia Tech’s turf, renting out more than 20 billboards that promote the school and football team in metro Atlanta.

The signs feature a Tigers helmet, the school’s familiar Tiger eyes and two messages — “Fearless and True,” from the school fight song, and “Choose Auburn.” asks Toledo Rockets head coach Tim Beckman about how to look at a football schedule, Pat Dye style!

Q: … [Y]ou also mentioned during the spring that you were going through and playing one game at a time with an opponent for each practice and then playing against that team. It’s probably too early for that, but I assume the same thing is going to happen here …

Beckman: No, first meeting we went over that schedule right up there (pointing at a giant schedule poster on the wall). We talked about my first year in coaching with Pat Dye down at Auburn. We ended up third of fourth in the country; we had a great, great football team. I think we got beat in the Sugar Bowl. He taught me that you need to teach your players how to attack that schedule. That schedules up there for a reason. That’s everybody’s ambition. We want to be at that last date up there on that schedule board (MAC Championship Game), so we talked about that with the whole team in here and where we need to be in each one of these situations. Later on in camp here we’re going to get back here to Purdue, they’re the first opponent.

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Toomer’s Rumors and Boomers resurrection 12.29.08

I’ve been planning a state of the union. Not really planning, just thinking about it. But where to start. This was the strangest year yet for Auburn football. Auburn fans have never had to cope with regime change under the full blogtastic weight of the internet. In that, we were alone in the SEC, save for the Volunteers. Rumors of defections and coordinators galore, yes. But never the hyperactive trauma of a head coaching firesignation / search. There were riots. Shoes were being thrown. Hecklers. Forest fires. Pirates. And now suddenly Chizik is an anchor with a white hot vision. And now suddenly, Gus Malzahn. And now suddenly, we can sleep. Zzzzzzzz.

War Eagle.

I’m gonna start it back up. The whole W0rks-style thing Jerry does? It’s too fun. I gotta do something.  Jerry’s is a bit more succinct than TR&B ever was / will be, but I gotta do something. .

Speaking of Jerry…


Jerry Hinnen. Spencer Hall. You never see them together…

Chris Shelling Jr., you sweet holiday angel!

Earlier today, I was driving at high speeds with Billy Childish. The car in front of me had a bumper sticker reading: SABAN/PALIN ‘O8 with a picture of palin wearing a bear bryant hat. I sped past them and mimed the throat slash motion to the driver. Jihad.

Of course, I wish the young man would have made the right decision, but perhaps his deviance will expedite the polygamizing of the Tide come whenever the game is. Make them your wives, Utah… cause I mean, even Mike Shula had Bama back for a two loss season.

By the way, the AP has deemed Bama finally winning some games as the number one story in the state of Alabama for 2008. That we started losing games is number two.

“I came here to help him win and that’s what I’m going to do.”


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Toomer’s Rumors and Boomers – 8.20.08

By J.M. Comer

The War Eagle Reader offers a roundup of interesting news stories, questionable opinions and great comments from other team’s fans about the Auburn Tigers across the blogosphere.

News and Recruiting Roundup

SI’s college football mailbag would like to see Tony Franklin’s offense live up to the hype (, Aug. 20). Also, the mailbag posits that running from Georgia’s Bigfoot has helped train the SEC’s speedsters.

Sophomore receiver Terrell Zachery talks about the new offense: “Coach Franklin will take chances on you. He’ll go deep on you first down and it always seems to work out” (The Randolph Leader, Aug. 20). According to the article: Zachery is working with the second team grouping with Tim Hawthorne and Tommy Trott, behind senior wideout Robert Dunn.

The above article reminds me of an excellent article last week by War Eagle Extra author David Ching that I wish I would have come up with first: Who is going to be stepping up to catch all these passes this year? Who has the hot hands in camp? How is Tony Franklin turning the receiver corps from a “meh … uhhh” to a “WOAH MOMMA!!!!” Check it out.

The Washington Post has Auburn at No. 10 in their preseason rankings. Last year, Auburn was absent from their top 25 and Bama was in it. So, take it with a grain of salt. But a good point is brought up in this year’s check list of vulnerabilities: “Franklin has said he would prefer the team have 10 reliable options at wide receiver, a mark that will not be reached until some of the freshmen become familiar with their coordinator’s schemes” (, Aug. 20)

Samford in 2011? *Sigh* At least Coach Pat Sullivan will be there (The Auburn Beat, Aug. 20)

Pat Dye will be speaking to the Little Rock Quarterback Club on Oct. 6. Maybe our new Lubbock correspondent can take a road trip and ask for an old shirt to go with THE PANTS (The Arkansas Leader, Aug. 20).

An Auburn homer in NYC previews the Tigers for Deadspin (Deadspin, Aug. 20). But his preview includes this gem: “To this day, if I ever see Lowder in person, I will immediately punch the skinny E.T. looking asshole right in the kisser.” I’ve daydreamed the same thing. Like, maybe I’ll see Lowder coming out of some fancy D.C. restaurant with Sen. Shelby and I’ll push him into a mud puddle. Ahhhh yeah, that’s the stuff.

Auburn comes in at #6 in Forbes’ “Top Ten Olympic Schools.” There’s some Saban joke here, put I can’t think of it. Suggestions? (Forbes, Aug. 20). picks Auburn #11 in their preseason poll (, Aug. 20). No spread eagle joke? The humor of Playboy has gone downhill.

SEC Coach of the Year (’84, ’89) Sonny Smith, who took our Tigers to five straight NCAA tourneys (wow, what happened?), is getting a granite plaque on the Tiger Trail in downtown Auburn (WANI 1400, Aug. 20).

Tigers Roar!
A collection of questionable comments from other blogs about the Auburn Tigers.

Good gravy! Here is the 1,237 post that “predicts” Auburn will have trouble with or lose to Mississippi State again this year. I’m not kidding: There are a lot of “experts” out there that think this game will sneak up on Auburn. NOTE TO ALL BLOGS: A football team usually doesn’t overlook a team that beat it the year before. The Tigers will be out for revenge! (Bleacher Report, Aug. 19)

hey jenny slater. calls Tuberville “overrated,” while Mark Richt is #1. What did you expect? When is the season getting here? I don’t think I can take much more of this (hey jenny slater, Aug. 19). On the other hand, The Tide Druid, taking part in the same SEC Coach Power Poll, has a level head about Tubs: “But give the mans his due. He went from the brink of the pink slip to a perfect season. He likes tough defense, and it is hard to not respect that in such a conference. Plus, he knows what it takes to please his fan base, and he has delivered 6 years running” (The Tide Druid, Aug. 18).

The Elephants’ Empty Bleat!
Tide Nation is talking loud and sayin’ nothing.

Capstone Report does what it does best: Kicking the hornets’ nest. And one more time for good measure (Capstone Report, Aug. 19, 20)

And finally, there is this classic quote (and a mental pretzel to boot) from Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban that I stumbled across in a story from July in the The Wetumpka Herald:

The question is, how long will it take for the Tide to return to a position of relevance on the national spectrum?

“We never, ever talk about it. It is what it is. We are where we are. We work every day to try to get it where we want it to be,” said Saban.

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Toomer’s Rumors and Boomers – 8.12.08

By J.M. Comer

The War Eagle Reader offers a roundup of interesting news stories, questionable opinions and great comments from other team’s fans about the Auburn Tigers across the blogosphere.

News and Recruiting Roundup

Coach Tommy Tuberville talks to ESPN about dominating Alabama in recruiting, until Alabama hired Nick Saban.

ESPN: How many players from the state of Alabama do you and Alabama typically go head-to-head on each year?

TT: I’d say five or six, and we pretty much dominated them for the last eight years. And then last year, Nick came in and did a good job on Julio (Jones) and the kid from Gadsden (Jerrell Harris). You’ll normally go 50-50. There will be a few more kids that grow up Alabama fans, but we get our share. A lot of these kids leave the state, too. But we go to Georgia and get kids to come here. I don’t think the loyalties in the different states are there as much as they used to be. (, Aug. 11)

Chris Low of starts his column today thusly, causing my heart to race: “AUBURN, Ala. — The weather on the Plains has been gorgeous, and the speed on this Auburn defense is equally stunning. That’s even by Auburn’s standards.” (, Aug. 12)

Josh Moon of The Montgomery Advertiser takes a look at the different approaches of coaches Saban and Tuberville to their schools’ fan day. Tuberville kisses babies and Saban does not. (I do think that Saban likes babies, but only for their blood in his dark rituals to Lord Belichick.) The thrust of the article? Saban’s cold shoulder to Bama fans is not his problem. “It was a [university] PR problem. And it’s the same PR problem that’s dogged Alabama football for the past two decades — they’re still taking the same approach to public relations that they were in the 1970s, when Alabama football was king and there was no real competition.” (The Montgomery Advertiser, Aug. 10)

A columnist for the Monroe News Star says Tuberville is the best coach in the SEC. Arkansas’ Bobby Petrino is ranked #11. I couldn’t agree more. (, Aug. 12)

NFL Roundup

Takeo Spikes is a 49er (The Mercury News, Aug. 11)

Courtney Taylor could see more action with the Seahawks soon (The Kitsap Sun, Aug. 11)

Let the Eagle Soar!
A collection of favorable comments and interesting articles from blogs and newspapers about the Tigers.

Joel at Rocky Top Talk thinks Auburn will be the toughest road game for the Vols (Rocky Top Talk, Aug.8}

Vol blog,, says the USC Trojans and Auburn will end up in Miami in January. Who will win it all? Why don’t you check out his blog and find out (MoonDog Sports, Aug. 12)

The Elephants’ Empty Bleat!
Tide Nation is talking loud and sayin’ nothing.

Picture Me Rantin … er … Picture Me Rollin calls Tony Franklin a “snitchin’ ass” and a “Rat”? Oh yeah! Hal Mumme was a victim of the unfair and overbearing rules of the NCAA … just like Bama! It makes sense now. (Picture Me Rollin, Aug. 11)

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Getting DeFensive

By J.M. Comer

The War Eagle Reader offers a fall practice roundup of news reports, focusing on Auburn’s defense.

Auburn Undercover talks with DC Paul Rhoads

Look for more from The War Eagle Reader on Paul Rhoads by the end of this week, focusing on his Pitt Panther defenses.

Paul Rhoads talks about the freshmen

Speaking on Saturday (Aug. 2), Auburn defensive coordinator Paul Rhoads said his freshmen are well aware how important the next few weeks of practice will be. “I think they’re extremely aware, and they’ve approached it that way,” Rhoads said. “I think they got shocked a little bit the first day. What they’ve done in the summer is a little bit different than practicing with these varsity football players on the practice field.” (The Huntsville Times, Aug. 5)

On Deron Furr’s absence

Safety Zac Etheridge did shed some light on the Saturday fight, however, saying that he wanted to send a message to the freshmen about practicing with the proper level of effort.It was Etheridge who first squared off with Furr before several other defensive backs jumped onto the pile. Once coaches and trainers broke up the brawl, Furr was left sitting on hands and knees without his helmet and needed a great deal of assistance from a trainer to stagger to a nearby tent. He spent the rest of Saturday’s practice sitting underneath the tent but did participate in Auburn’s fan day that afternoon. “It was just setting an example to the freshmen,” said Etheridge, who added he has not spoken with Furr recently. “It wasn’t nothing like bumping heads. It was just showing them that we’re here to work and get to the championship.” Asked what specifically happened that led to the fight, Etheridge elaborated further. “It’s just that everyone was tired,” he said. “The heat was bothering everyone. He just didn’t push himself hard, but other than that, (it) got the other freshmen to learn and they picked it up today.” (The Ledger-Enquirer, Aug. 5)

*UPDATE by J. Henderson* – Furr is transferring. I hate to lose him, I hate to lose anyone, especially someone of Furr’s athleticism. But man, every time Furr has been brought up since March, all I’ve been able to think of is Coach Tony Franklin’s candid spring practice assessment of DeRon’s chances at playing quarterback, which I was blessed to hear up close:

DeRon Furr on the other hand, despite his obvious physical talent, is a long way off. Or as Franklin put it, “a long, long, long, long, long, long way off.” That’s six longs.

Aaron Savage injured, damnit

Cornerback Aaron Savage landed awkwardly attempting to break up a pass and let out several high-pitched cries. Trainers were at his side in seconds. Savage’s entire right leg was immobilized, and he was quickly driven off the field on a cart. … “We can’t afford to lose anybody, especially a guy with that experience,” Tuberville said. If Savage’s injury is serious, it would be an enormous blow to a secondary that appears to be the weakest link in Auburn’s defense. (The Huntsville Times, Aug. 5)

Junior Walt McFadden moved in for Savage during the second half of practice Monday. McFadden, whose brother Bryant plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers, was used primarily in the Tigers’ nickel and dime packages in 2007. Beyond McFadden, though, Auburn’s depth chart is sparse. Sophomore Ryan Williams played as a true freshman last season, but Tuberville recently said Williams is in the coach’s “dog house” for academic problems. Williams also missed approximately half of the team’s voluntary summer workouts. With his grades apparently no longer a problem, Williams has to focus on his conditioning, according to Tuberville. “He’s just not in great shape right now,” Tuberville said. “He hasn’t been here, so we’ve got to get him in better shape.” (The Montgomery Advertiser, Aug. 5, Opelika-Auburn News, Aug. 2)

Another Savage makes a big move

Freshman defensive end Jomarcus Savage provided the highlight of Auburn’s practice Monday, knocking tackle Lee Ziemba to the ground during a drill. Savage and Ziemba were matched one-on-one when Savage faked left and right. The moves confused Ziemba, who rocked back on his heels. Savage then rammed Ziemba in the chest and knocked him on his back, resulting in what Auburn coaches call a “cockroach block.” (The Montgomery Advertiser, Aug. 5)

Standoff in the trenches

There was a good standoff between Tyronne Green and Sen’Derrick Marks right when I got there. On the first go, Green stonewalled Marks and Sen’Derrick kind of deflected backwards and told Green he did a great job. Marks fought past him to the quarterback on the next one, setting up what Hugh Nall said would be the rubber match. On the third go-round, Marks tried to bull rush Green, who stood his ground enough for Marks to fall down before he made it into the backfield. Those guys were going hard. It was very entertaining to watch and I think the coaches were enjoying that one as well. (War Eagle Extra, Aug. 5)

Injury Watch

Defensive end Antonio Coleman continues to be limited by a sore hamstring. Defensive end Michael Goggans sat out with bruised ribs. (The Huntsville Times, Aug. 5)

Defensive tackle Tez Doolittle practiced Saturday, less than a year after rupturing his Achilles’ tendon. The former Opelika star participated in position drills with the other defensive linemen, but was held out of team drills. Tuberville said Doolittle is actually entirely recovered from the Achilles’ injury, but has strained his hamstring and could be slowed for a few days.

Defensive end Antonio Coleman sat out of team drills with what Tuberville called a hamstring injury. Coleman missed all of spring practice after spraining his neck while being blocked by offensive tackle Lee Ziemba.

Freshman defensive back T’Sharvan Bell (ankle) spent most of Saturday’s practice on stationary bikes. (Opelika-Auburn News, Aug. 2)

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Toomer’s Rumors and Boomers – 8.4.08

By J.M. Comer

The War Eagle Reader offers a roundup of interesting news stories, questionable opinions and great comments from other team’s fans about the Auburn Tigers across the blogosphere.

News and Recruiting Roundup

Arkansas sports columnist picks Auburn at #3 (, Aug. 3) Note: No, it isn’t news that’s straight outta Compton.

The AJC offers a crash course on Tony Franklin’s spread offense (, July 31)

The University of Alabama’s chaplin, Jeremiah Castille, needs a refresher visit to Auburn University it seems (Montgomery Advertiser, Aug. 1)

Recruit #21 commits to Auburn, says the The Gold Mine

Work begins today on Auburn’s new basketball arena (, Aug. 4)

ESPN says the home games in Tuscaloosa and the Iron Bowl are “Not Hot” this football season. Note: The column says Auburn will be going for #6 in a row this year. Fact check, please! (, Aug. 4)

Do you remember Joey Barrett Jr.’s off-the-field performance the night before Sackapalooza ’05? This is getting strange. The Mobile Press-Register reports: A Mobile cage fighter accused of inciting a brawl in front of an Auburn University fraternity house by yelling “Roll Tide” — and stabbing several people in the subsequent melee — is now charged with bribing a mentally retarded man to take the rap.

Click here for footage of either Barrett or his dad?!?! fighting at Mobile’s Abba Temple.

Brief comment on media coverage of the coordinators

I want more information on the new defensive coordinator Paul Rhoads! The media outlets are focusing on offensive coordinator Tony Franklin and the quarterback battle (Google News results on stories about Rhoads reveal 52 dating back to early July, as Franklin merits 156 stories dating back to late July.)

What do we know about Rhoads? He’s a nice guy that likes to teach fundamentals and used to coach at Pitt. The War Eagle Reader will try to peer into the information void this week.

The eyes of the Eagle see all!

Exhalted Eagle!

War Eagle!

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Toomer’s Rumors and Boomers – 7.22.08

By J.M. Comer

The War Eagle Reader offers a roundup of interesting news stories, questionable opinions and great comments from other team’s fans about the Auburn Tigers across the blogosphere.

Eagle shoots into the sun, photo by Charlie “Dad” Comer

News and Recruiting Roundup

First, please check out and contribute to The Joe Cribbs Car Wash‘s wonderful Paperless Preview Project at Hours of reading and analysis are at your fingertips thanks to Jerry’s hard work.

ESPN checks in on early Auburn recruit Raymond Cotton’s performance at the Elite 11 quarterback camp: “Cotton is a very intriguing player to watch. He might be the most raw of any quarterback here but also could have as much upside as anyone.” (, July 22)

Also check out Cotton’s evaluation on the ESPN 150 Watch List. (, July 22) There are 10 other early Auburn commitments on the 2009 list.

Fox Sports calls Sept. 20 “Nirvana for football fans” and looks at the Auburn-LSU game. (, July 21)

The Gainesville Sun includes Tommy Tuberville in its list of “glamour coaches” and says he is best known for “Leading Auburn to an undefeated season in 2004 — and not having the opportunity to play for the national championship.” (The Gainesville Sun, July 21) I guess it is better than being known for this.

In sorta-Auburn-related news: LSU needs a “true” rival. Desperate, they try to coif one with Ole Miss called “The Magnolia Bowl.” (The Daily Reveille, July 22)

(In related LSU news: Their athletes? Not so bright. Don’t they have sociology classes down there?)

Let the Eagle Soar!

A collection of favorable comments and interesting articles from blogs and newspapers about the Tigers.

Three out of four HogBloggers predict Auburn to win the SEC West. (, July 22).

Dawg Sports picks “The Tony Franklin Experience” as #19 of “The Top 25 Things I’m Looking Forward to This Season in the SEC.” (Dawg Sports, July 22)

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