Stories Wanted

shug-cig-and-tiger.jpgHave or know of any Auburn-related whatever that you always thought would make for a good story? Any Tiger-ish tales you’ve heard of but always wanted to know more about? Lets growl –

Also, if you were at Auburn anytime between the late ’60s and the mid ’70s, and would be interested and willing to be interviewed about your particular AU experience and have your recollections and stories harvested for possible inclusion in a (hopefully) up-coming book or two pertaining to that particular period in Auburn student history, of if you know anybody who was (and would), please shoot an e-mail to

Have any Shug stories? Dean Foy stories? Dean Cater? Dr. Philpott? Were you at the ’69 Iron Bowl? What about Punt, Bama, Punt? Panty Raids? Pep Rallies? Streaking?

photo courtesy B. Ashmore

8 responses to “Stories Wanted

  1. More Jessica Trainham videos available under “Morning Show” section. Thanks for putting the Brandon Cox video up too!

  2. John Cargile

    From Saturday’s Finebaum
    “If you got any milk-drinking, tie-wearing, book-reading, church-going young men who are students, you send them to Stanford,” Bryant once said. “But if you got any whiskey-drinking, skirt-chasing, hell-raising young men who are athletes, you send ’em to ol’ Bear and we’ll kick some ass!”

    It seems to be that Auburn is a lot like the Stanford mentioned by Bear. The Chett Williams effect is in full force, and ultimately might cost us recruits, but gets us a better APR and less arrests. Not sure if it is getting us tons more wins, but I like where Auburn is at these days.

  3. I don’t know what to make of this in all honesty. I just hate the fact they even have to mention us. I don’t even know if I should be offended…If you feel like enlightening and educating me along with all your other loyal readers it would be very much appreciated.

    Keep up the good work!!! Love your site!!!

  4. War Eagle boobs on College

    some other funny AU picks on there too for you to use in further posts…

    just found this site.. lovin it.

    keep it up.


  5. First off, glad to see Bama humbled. wish we could have done it but, you can’t win every year. I’ll take six in a row.

    the clip after the attached link is from the 1st season of CSI:NY back in Jan of 04.

    i remember watching this show and seeing this episode and being proud to be an Auburn man.

    skip to 2:30 in this section of the show to see what i mean. even though theirs a douche wearing the hat, it still makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

    keep it up.

    war eagle.

  6. Written to AD Jacobs at

    Dear Athletic Director Jacobs,

    War Eagle to you Sir. I wanted to drop you a line from an Auburn alumnus (Class of 2004) and member of the Auburn family. I am very upset with the way Auburn is being portrayed in the media and around the country in recent weeks. I hope that you are aware that several members of the Auburn family are not very happy with the Board of Trustees and you for the “retiring/firing” of Coach Tuberville. Please know that I understand we cannot win every game, but I expect Auburn to hold itself to the highest moral standards. We must treat people within the Auburn family as they are our true brother or sister. Please know also, that the constant portrayal of Bobby Lowder as a negative catalyst is getting very old. I was a student during the SACS incident in 2001 and have read up on the fact that he played a large role in Tuberville and Bowden’s removal as football coach. I can read through the lines while considering Tuberville’s removal, and though I do not claim to know everything that has happened, I and the rest of the Auburn family are unhappy with this whole event. Please do your best to find a coach that is right for Auburn and not a coach that is right for the controlling members of the Board of Trustees.

    War Eagle,


  7. Thank for your note. I appreciate you offering your input into this important process.
    His Response:

    God bless, and War Eagle,


    Jay Jacobs ’85 ’88
    Athletics Director
    Auburn University

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