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Country Road, Take Me to the NFL


Slaton took it to the Dawgs in the Sugar Bowl. Two touchdowns against the SEC team that day in 2006.

The game in Morgantown, W.Va., on Sept. 6 just got a little less daunting for the Auburn Tigers: West Virginia’s running back Steve Slaton has decided to enter the draft.

The War Eagle Reader would like to wipe its brow, go “Whew!” and wish Steve the best in the NFL.

Slaton ran for 3,923 yards and scored 55 touchdowns in three seasons at West Virginia. Slaton gained more than 1,000 yards on the ground in each of his years with the Mountaineers.

Update*** Ditto for Darren McFadden and Felix Jones.


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Arkansas: The New Bama

Apparently, you can’t give this thing away…

(of course I still question whether they were ever officially interested in Tuberville; all “subsequent” candidates have been below his stature and outside of the conference – if they were willing to go after one big dog in the SEC, why not another? Richt? Spurrier? Unless of course they weren’t interested… or at least interested in any way that would matter… but wait, was the Grobe bit simply variation on a theme? Sounds so… familiar…)


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Hunting Trip!!! Stop the Press!!!

By J. Henderson

I wake up to a meltdown. The links are too numerous to list. Tommy Tuberville, says everyone but the people who would know (incoming Arkansas Athletic Director, the man in charge of the Razorbacks coaching search, called it ‘fantasy‘), is the new coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Jay at Track’em Tigers says we have to take this stuff seriously because the mainstream media is on it. He didn’t feel the same way when CBS Sportsline analyst Spencer Tillman laughably reported on Tuberville’s immanent move to Texas A&M. The mainstream media was all over the Tuberville-to-A&M soap opera. So why start listening now, especially when the denials folks were clamoring for Tuberville to make a few weeks back now exist? Because people will hear what they hear, and addressing rumors is a damned if you do, damned if you don’t ordeal, and all the more so thanks to Nick “I’m Not Going to be the Alabama Coach” Saban.

Don’t say anything = why so vague, coach? Say something, coach!

Deny you’re looking for anything else = why are you lying, coach! Just say you want to stay at Auburn, coach! Wait, you do?! Ha! Why are you lying, coach?

As newspapers adapt to our modern ebb and flow, the lines are blurring between ‘mainstream’ and ‘non-mainstream’ news, especially when sourcing is involved. Mainstream papers and news stations regularly report on what ‘internet sources’ are reporting, which in turn gives the cited internet sources something else to cite, ad infinitum…

All it takes is one ‘legitimate’ online news outlet, even if just a well-read blogger, to say something like ‘rumors are swirling today on the internet’ and suddenly a report simply referencing the activity of internet message boards becomes a quotable source of information for a story waiting to be constructed merely out of circumstance… for bloggers, for newspapers (who’s reporters are now bloggers), for freakin’ CBS.

(Team A is out of Coach. Coach B once bought his son a Team A shirt. Internet sources are claiming… therefore, Coach B is packing his bags for Team A. Just listen to the sports anchor on the video Jay posted on his site: “This is also being reported by Clay Henry at HogsIllustrated.com” — HogsIllustrated.com is an “unofficial UA fan site.”)

I don’t mean to pick on Jay, because all my favorites are going Chicken Little… no offense fellows, but I just don’t see it, not at all, and it won’t happen.


The real nightmarish potential of the internet is not the facility with which non-stories can be reported, but for its ability to literally create stories where none before existed.

I called a girl one night in high school. I wanted to talk to her. I liked her, but was nervous. She was at a party with some other girls. As I stammered around, she said ‘oh, I know why you’re calling, you want to talk to Abby!’

I didn’t want to talk to Abby. But I knew Abby. Abby was cute. Maybe I should talk to Abby. Maybe I liked Abby. A week later, Abby and I were on a date.

It won’t happen, but that’s the thing I’m scared about: Tubby thinking maybe he should like an Abby. An Abby thinking maybe she should go out with Tubby. After all, he’s on a hunting trip…


Revised Ark. trip photo – submitted by Ike

It won’t happen. War Eagle.

*** Update, 10:45 am

*** Update 12:45 pm

*** Update 2:56 pm – Barbershop talk is that there is an Auburn press-conference scheduled for this afternoon. There is no press conference scheduled for this afternoon.


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We Arkancame, We Arkansas… We Arkanrode into Fayetteville on the Black Horse of Desolation


By J.M. Comer

Arkansas‘ reign as champion of the West has ended! Devastation visits Fayetteville! Extended metaphors from sports blogs trail and taunt the wounded pig!

Alabama rode into battle upon the White Horse of Conquest. The mighty Razorbacks, kings of the West, fell in the final minutes to the Tide. The first blow was struck. (If we follow this line of thought further — and please stick with me here — “Conquest” carries a bow with no arrows and represents the Antichrist. Seems like a fitting comparison for the University of Alabama to me. It would be even better if this rider was draped in a tattered, torn and decaying houndstooth robe with dollar bills and counterfeit championship declarations spilling in its wake.)

Kentucky rode the second horse, the Red Horse of War. The Wildcats cleaved the Razorbacks and brought the Hogs to their knees. Blood spilled, gushed upon the football field. Maggots festered in the wound and dismay ruled the land.

Auburn rode into Fayetteville upon the Black Horse of Desolation.

It’s really dreary riding on the Black Horse. Not much excitement. The smell of decay at the workplace is overpowering. Two other horsemen take the glory. You carry scales of “pitiless justice” and are the harbinger of Death riding the Pale Horse. See Death back there? He’s taking his time, wearing orange and white and licking that gravy-stained Cracker Barrel menu.

Sure, you get to smash the crown from the fallen king under your boot, strip the dream of the Heisman Trophy from the team’s greatest warrior and sound the death knell of Arkansas head coach Houston Nutt. But there’s this whole pestilence and famine thing that comes along with the victory. It’s all very messy and kind of depressing.

Did anyone get a good look at Nutt on the sideline Saturday night … the man looked desperate and afraid to me.

With Nutt axed as head coach after this season … do you really think Darren McFadden and Felix Jones will stick around? Nope.

So ends the brief reign of Arkansas.

There isn’t much fun kicking a program on its way down … time to move on to Baton Rouge.


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