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Toomer’s Rumors and Boomers – 7.16.08

The War Eagle Reader offers a roundup of interesting news stories, questionable opinions and great comments from other team’s fans about the Auburn Tigers across the blogosphere.

News and Recruiting Roundup

Troy’s coach says Auburn made the right move when they stole away Offensive Coordinator Troy Franking. How’s this for an endorsement? “When Tony left, we promoted the guy who was closest we could come to Tony without it being Tony.” The Trojans’ new coordinator is 27-year-old Neal Brown, who played for Franklin at Kentucky and coached under him at Troy. (Montgomery Advertiser, July 16)

Paul Rhodes says he will be ready for the Iron Bowl — in his “heart and soul”: (Eufaula Tribune, July 16)

Sean Conway, a center from Nashville, gushes about Auburn’s football camp (PrepTennessee.com, July 16)

Q&A with Auburn’s early recruit from Lassiter, Ga., tight end Philip Lutzenkirchen (The Atlanta Journal Constitution, July 16).

What?!?! Georgia QB Matt Stafford could be a football camp counselor for Faith Academy QB Raymond Cotton, an early Auburn committment, at ESPN’s RISE Elite 11 quarterback camp? How will that work? (al.com, July 16)

Shug Jordan comes in at #5 in this list of “15 Great Coaching Quotes” (BleacherReport.com, July 16)

Recruit #20 is an all-state QB that plays three sports from Franklin County, Miss. Welcome aboard the USS War Eagle, Jamie Collins! How about this nugget of info from the newspaper: The Franklin County Bulldogs won the 3A Championship in 2006, beating Nettleton 23-13. Collins accounted for three touchdowns in the game, and also picked off three passes. Wowweee! (The Natchez Democrat, July 16)

“Whatever happened to James Daniel,” the offensive linemen coach at Auburn University under Pat Dye from 1981-92? (The Enterprise Ledger, July 15)

“Aided by the absence of Gator-slaying Auburn on its schedule, Florida will get through October undefeated,” says SI’s Austin Murphy. I just love that Auburn is known for slaying Gators in the national press. My gator-hatin’ heart swells with pride. (CNN/SI, July 16)

Auburn comes in at #23 in the Disassociated Press Poll (DPP) on Rivals. Maybe you can make more sense of this poll than I. (Rivals.com, July 16)

A hit from an Auburn Tiger during the 1997 SEC Championship Game is still affecting Peyton Manning? (Knoxville News Sentinel, July 16)

Tigers Roar!

A collection of questionable comments from other blogs about the Auburn Tigers.

Hey Auburn fans! Need something to motivate you to put a fist through the drywall? Well, try this product! (Georgia Sports Blog, July 15)

LSU’s Tiger Weekly says Auburn will end the season with a 10-2 record, finishing second in the West (TigerWeekly.com, July 16)

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Toomer’s Rumors and Boomers – 1.31.08

*** “Pat Dye has got to be on Cloud 9” – If you need a distraction from the memory of last night’s 1 pt. heart-breaker to LSU, why not journey back to 1988’s 1 pt. ecstasy in Rupp Arena…

*** Here is a video of a poor child named Abram, abused and crying. This window into Abram’s hell speaks volumes on standard modes of Bama parenting. Watch, and learn, as the father laughs at his young son while recording him recoiling in tears at his crimson retching and then stand back as Auburn relatives attempt to comfort the child with “War Eagle”s. It takes a Village…

*** And to complete the YouTube trifecta for today’s edition, let us watch please-oh-please Auburn recruit Jerrell Harris do his thing. Auburn is reported to still be in the running for Harris’ allegiance and I say we think positive. Not just wishing him away from Bama but wishing him here if the Lord wills it.

To quote Auburntron, “He’s like a skinnier Blackmon on some kind of Mortal Kombat Liu Kang fatality / steroid / amphetamine rage.” More videos found on Rivals…

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Toomer’s Rumors and Boomers – 1.30.08

*** Big defensive lineman Jomarcus Savage chooses Auburn over Tennessee. Savage’s father played under Tennessee defensive coordinator John Chavis at Alabama A&M. But that wasn’t enough…

… Auburn is just a good school. Hands down, just a good school.”

War Eagle, Jomarcus…

purple-yellow-flower.jpg*** Botanical Bombs Over Bama – I don’t recall hearing or reading anything about LSU fans seeding the medians of Tuscaloosa-area interstates with purple and gold flowers. But they are. And they’re pretty freakin’ serious about it. April showers bring regret.

*** Good news for Auburn – Running backs coach Eddie Gran is staying put. He was at one time a candidate for the new South Alabama head coaching position. “With the players we have, I think we’re going to see something exciting the next three years. I’m happy I’ll be a part of it,” he said. Someone text Enrique…

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Toomer’s Rumors and Boomers – 1.29.08

*** I don’t know how in the world I missed AuburnElvis.com — I’ve seen Auburn Elvis at the games a few times (just look for the crowd of girls and the digicams) and can now enjoy tales of his exploits.


*** While typing up a little catharsis of my own a few weeks back, I only briefly pondered the synergy between Finebaum and EDSBS, the partiality and singular deference mutually accorded by these media masterminds, one for the other. I knew the photo of Spurrier in the header didn’t hurt on the Finebaum end, but I mostly chalked it up at the time as simply being friend-of-a-friends through Warren St. John… and that obviously plays a big part, but Orson’s wistful Bear Bryant-themed memoir hints at a related but much deeper connection…

And while Finebaum is in the air, does anyone know if I-Man laid into him yesterday about his encounter with Elizabeth Gottfried? Something tells me the name Tommy Wilcox will never more be spoken…

*** I can’t be sure about this, but if Williamson High School’s (Mobile) DE Terrence Coleman were to commit to Auburn come next year – and according to AuburnSports.com there’s mutual interest there – I think it would be the first instance in Auburn football history of a player having his uncle for a teammate. Coleman is the nephew of Auburn’s awesome defensive end Antonio Coleman, and he’s supposed to be good. Terrence would be a freshman, Antonio a senior. Uncle! Fumble!

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Toomer’s Rumors and Boomers – 1.26.08

*** Even for all the vaunted passion of its fans, 164,000 fewer people tuned in to watch Alabama play Colorado in the PetroSun Independence Bowl – Nick Saban’s first at Alabama – than watched Cincinnati take on Southern Miss in the PapaJohns.com Bowl. In terms of viewers, the new Birmingham-based bowl game ranked 21 out of 25 bowl games; the PetroSun Independence bowl was last at 25th.

Auburn’s match-up against Clemson in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl was the 2nd most-watched non-BCS bowl, coming in behind the Capital One Bowl (Florida vs. Michigan).

*** “This is one-of-a-kind, very rare, preserved snow from Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama, which is very very extraordinary. It is, of course, in snowball ice form. It will of course be shipped in dry ice to preserve it’s historical significance. There are even blades of War Eagle grass-remnants embedded on the surface.”

(h/t/a/t/s to Kenny Smith)

*** freddie-smooth.jpgRough and Ready: 6-foot-5, 300 lb defensive tackle Freddie Smooth — Freddie freakin’ Smooth!! — committed to Auburn Friday. He was recruited by Oklahoma, LSU, Clemson, North Carolina and reportedly even USC.

Here’s a quote from Smooth’s coach at Desire Academy in Baton Rouge: “I think Freddie is excited because you’re talking about inner city kid from New Orleans who’s getting to play at one of the top programs in the country. When you talk about college football, Auburn is one of the best if not the best programs.”

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Toomer’s Rumors and Boomers – 1.22.08

*** Recruit commits because of snow? Of his weekend in town, Florida wide receiver Philip Pierre-Louis said “I committed. Everything went good. It was the perfect fit for me, the atmosphere, the school, everything.”

“… the atmosphere…”I told you!

*** During his weekend in Auburn, defensive end commit Derrick Lykes downed a 32 oz. steak at Sante Fe Cattle Co. on South College and got his picture on the wall.

*** Speaking of eating, here is a picture of the cake with which 5-foot-11, 227 lb. running back Eric Smith celebrated his commitment to Auburn. According to a story on Tampa Bay.com, Nick Saban was after him pretty hard.



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Snow In Auburn

I’d say its been about seven years…


The Kroger is bangin’, carts full of milk, middle-aged women with interesting hair smiling at toddlers in the car carts and mopping up the entrance. The streets slush their fight song. The gymnasts almost pulled it off last night. There’s a basketball game in a couple of hours. Neighbors bring each other cheese cake, children laugh in the distance, adults hunker down with new media.

Snow in Auburn. Magic in Auburn.

Good for recruiting.

Conditions are far from dangerous and I doubt kept any from coming for a great weekend and the Auburn memories they’re making in their sweat suits are charged and electric and exhilarating, snow just does that. Probably won’t accumulate… the snow at least… but they look outside, and the music slicin’ through their i pods and into their earphones just sounds better.

They’re Wintry Mix Masters — bring it to Auburn, commit to Auburn, and feel alive! Where in the hell is Tuscaloosa?


War Damn Eagle…

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