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First sickening thought.

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Graveyard for Offensive Dreams?

By J.M. Comer

Pinehill Cemetery in Auburn.
Pinehill Cemetery in Auburn.

While it seems that since the days of Coach Pat Day, Auburn University has been a great springboard for defensive-minded coaches to further their career, the exact opposite can be said for the coaches with experience on the offensive side of the ball.

And after what happened yesterday (Tiger Jack on Auburn.nu called the scene of Tony Franklin loading up his SUV after this dismissal in front of the cameras “Spread Man Walking,” which is brilliant) I don’t see the decline of offensive brain trust at Auburn changing soon. Who in their right mind would accept the job, knowing that a band of jackals (or worse yet, complete dumbasses) possibly lay in wait, ready to sabotage their best efforts to change things, rattle the ol’ cage a bit and bring in some fresh air to the offensive side of the ball? A fool would accept this job under the current terms.

Al Borges, God bless him, could have probably grabbed a good job elsewhere after the 2004 season if he struck while the iron was hot. But the guy probably thought that the money was right, Auburn was a great place to live and raise a family, the future was bright and there was unfinished business on the Plains.

But just take a look at the list of offensive-minded coaches and what happened after they were let go at Auburn University. Some escape with their careers intact. Some are not so lucky, seeing their coaching stock drop considerably:

Head Coach Terry Bowden — Fired at Auburn 10 years ago after 6 games into the 1998 season and is no longer coaching. According to Wikipedia: “Bowden is the expert analyst for Westwood One Radio’s College Football National Game of Week, co-hosts “The Coaches Show” on Sirius Satellite Radio with Jack Arute, is the exclusive college football columnist for Yahoo! Sports, and works several times a month as a motivational speaker.”

Offensive Coordinator Noel Mazzone — Head Coach Tommy Tuberville cuts Mazzone loose in 2001 and replaces him with Bobby Petrino. Mazzone came over with Tuberville from Ole Miss in 1999. Mazzone grabs a job in 2002 with Oregon State. According to Wikipedia again: “In 2006, Mazzone finally moved to the NFL, becoming receivers coach for New York Jets.”

Offensive Coordinator Bobby Petrino — The exception to the rule. Leaves Auburn in 2002 on his own terms for head coaching job at University of Louisville. Almost takes over Auburn’s program in 2003 with Jetgate coup. Currently head coach of Arkansas University.

Al Borges — Currently unemployed after “resignation” in 2007. Lives in Auburn.

Tony Franklin — As of yesterday, unemployed. You know the story.

Next up for the chopping block?


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Toomer’s Rumors and Boomers – 8.12.08

By J.M. Comer

The War Eagle Reader offers a roundup of interesting news stories, questionable opinions and great comments from other team’s fans about the Auburn Tigers across the blogosphere.

News and Recruiting Roundup

Coach Tommy Tuberville talks to ESPN about dominating Alabama in recruiting, until Alabama hired Nick Saban.

ESPN: How many players from the state of Alabama do you and Alabama typically go head-to-head on each year?

TT: I’d say five or six, and we pretty much dominated them for the last eight years. And then last year, Nick came in and did a good job on Julio (Jones) and the kid from Gadsden (Jerrell Harris). You’ll normally go 50-50. There will be a few more kids that grow up Alabama fans, but we get our share. A lot of these kids leave the state, too. But we go to Georgia and get kids to come here. I don’t think the loyalties in the different states are there as much as they used to be. (ESPN.com, Aug. 11)

Chris Low of ESPN.com starts his column today thusly, causing my heart to race: “AUBURN, Ala. — The weather on the Plains has been gorgeous, and the speed on this Auburn defense is equally stunning. That’s even by Auburn’s standards.” (ESPN.com, Aug. 12)

Josh Moon of The Montgomery Advertiser takes a look at the different approaches of coaches Saban and Tuberville to their schools’ fan day. Tuberville kisses babies and Saban does not. (I do think that Saban likes babies, but only for their blood in his dark rituals to Lord Belichick.) The thrust of the article? Saban’s cold shoulder to Bama fans is not his problem. “It was a [university] PR problem. And it’s the same PR problem that’s dogged Alabama football for the past two decades — they’re still taking the same approach to public relations that they were in the 1970s, when Alabama football was king and there was no real competition.” (The Montgomery Advertiser, Aug. 10)

A columnist for the Monroe News Star says Tuberville is the best coach in the SEC. Arkansas’ Bobby Petrino is ranked #11. I couldn’t agree more. (thestarnews.com, Aug. 12)

NFL Roundup

Takeo Spikes is a 49er (The Mercury News, Aug. 11)

Courtney Taylor could see more action with the Seahawks soon (The Kitsap Sun, Aug. 11)

Let the Eagle Soar!
A collection of favorable comments and interesting articles from blogs and newspapers about the Tigers.

Joel at Rocky Top Talk thinks Auburn will be the toughest road game for the Vols (Rocky Top Talk, Aug.8}

Vol blog, MoonDogSports.com, says the USC Trojans and Auburn will end up in Miami in January. Who will win it all? Why don’t you check out his blog and find out (MoonDog Sports, Aug. 12)

The Elephants’ Empty Bleat!
Tide Nation is talking loud and sayin’ nothing.

Picture Me Rantin … er … Picture Me Rollin calls Tony Franklin a “snitchin’ ass” and a “Rat”? Oh yeah! Hal Mumme was a victim of the unfair and overbearing rules of the NCAA … just like Bama! It makes sense now. (Picture Me Rollin, Aug. 11)

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PetriNo, Thank You…

By J.M. Comer

Did the SEC West just get sleazier? Bobby Petrino, scum-sucker, took over the Arkansas Razorbacks football team last night.

I’m just guessing here: He didn’t say goodbye to the Falcons.

I could believe that. It sounds about right.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution this morning, that’s exactly what he did, or I guess exactly what he didn’t do:

[Falcon’s owner Arthur] Blank said Petrino, who was signed from Louisville to a five-year, $24.5 million contract Jan. 8, told him that he would be back to coach the Falcons in 2008. It was the second time Blank had asked Petrino about his commitment to the team over the past few weeks and the second time Petrino told him he would be back next season.

At 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Petrino met with Rich McKay, the team’s president and general manager, at the team’s Flowery Branch headquarters, and told him he was quitting. Petrino then called Blank. Blank was “very disappointed, highly agitated and upset at [Tuesday’s] developments,” according to a team official who was present at a lengthy meeting with senior team officials at Blank’s Buckhead offices Tuesday night.

The Falcons were off Tuesday, following Monday night’s 34-14 loss to visiting New Orleans, after which Petrino abruptly ended his postgame news conference. He did not hold his typical day-after news conference and did not address the team.

But his move to Fayetteville didn’t happen without many, many days of speculation from those mysterious “news outlets” and “sources” that populate the Natural State.

Memo to self: Call Arkansas “news outlet.” Whisper into the phone, “J.M. Comer wins Powerball Lottery — winnings estimated at $50 billion. Comer buys out Colonial Bank and pushes Bobby Lowder, Auburn trustee, into mud puddle. Mark Paden and Ryan Stephens, directors of The Auburner, are installed as athletic director.”

It would be the God’s honest truth to half the state of Alabama for one to two days. Blogs would spread the word. Other “news outlets,” TV news stations and newspapers in other states would pick it up and run with it. Lowder would retreat into his high-tech panic room with his lucky dime.

What power those Arkansas “news outlets” wield! It’s frightening actually. I wonder why that school in Fayetteville had such trouble filling the head coaching slot?

I envision the Arkansas “news outlet” to look a lot like this:


“My name is Legion: for we are many.” What a scoop! Straight from the demon’s mouth!

Why in his right mind would Auburn’s defensive coordinator Will “Boom Boom” Muschamp have chosen the University of Arkansas as his first head coaching stint? You want to be a head coach? Check. You want to coach in the SEC? Sure, who wouldn’t? But should you stick your neck out for these loons?


Oops. Wrong photo. These loons are kind of cute. So how about this loon?


A Razorbacks fan in the natural state in the Natural State.

Maybe, Petrino and the Hogs deserve one another. No, I take that back. The Razorbacks don’t deserve what is to come. Razorbacks, you don’t deserve the soul ripped from your school.

I just feel bad for our beloved coach, Tommy Tuberville. He has to hold his nose and shake Petrino’s hand probably twice a year, stooping down to acknowledge the existence of that pig’s muckpile.

In case you didn’t notice: I despise Petrino. It really stinks that now I’m going to hate the Razorbacks from this day forward. If those “news sources” from earlier in the day had spoken the truth and Will “Boom Boom” Muschamp had gone on to take the head coaching position, I would have been bummed. But I would have understood. Muschamp is an outstanding guy/coach and will make a great head coach wherever he goes. I would have been excited for you Razorback fans.

But Petrino represents greed and dishonesty to me. Even more so than Alabama head coach Nick Saban, believe it or not. Petrino represents what could have been the dancing end of Auburn trustee Bobby Lowder’s puppet strings if that fateful plane trip to Louisville had gone off without a hitch.


Fight the powers that be Coach!

Thank God for Tommy Tuberville, the players’ coach. The People’s Coach. Coach of the 2003 orange-and-blue junta (in the Hindi sense of the word)! Viva la Tubs and all he represents to Auburn. A moment in history where Lowder got egg on his face and his silk handkerchief was nowhere to be found.

And go to hell Petrino.

War Eagle!

Appendix A: Forde Column


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By J. Henderson

I don’t imagine there are many who still give credence to rumors related to the Arkansas coaching search. Those that do, shouldn’t, because the deja-vu reports that Will Muschamp is on the verge of a jump to Fayetteville are likely unsubstantiated hogwash, if you will. In fact, as I write this, ESPN is reporting that Bobby Petrino has resigned as head coach of the Atlanta Falcons… and is on the verge of a jump to Fayetteville. (If so, the SEC West = Billionaire’s Boy Club)

But that’s beside the point. As was pointed out during the latest Tuberville fiasco and which was confirmed by the outcome, the legitimacy of so-called main-stream news reporting – the same reporting that seemed to force many Auburn fans (against their will?) to doubt Tuberville’s denial of the Arkansas rumors – has taken a deep hit in recent years. The reasons are complex but the reality is plain to see, as the most recent column by ESPN’s ombudsman demonstrates.

Written by Le Ann Schreiber, a woman ESPN pays to watchdog their own bias and journalistic malfeasance, it does just that and in spades. Of particular pertinence to the above is her condemnation for “the Worldwide Leader in Sports'” coverage of the Miles-to-Michigan rumor on the day of the SEC Championship Game.

Schreiber writes:

…To avoid distraction before the title game, all directly concerned parties at LSU and Michigan had reportedly agreed to avoid any job-change maneuvering until the week after the game.

But early that Saturday, on ESPN and ESPNEWS and later ESPN.com, the word was out: “Sources have told ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit that, barring any unforeseen circumstances, Michigan will announce early next week it has reached an agreement with LSU coach Les Miles to be its next head football coach.’ As Herbstreit’s later remarks would make clear, that information came not from ‘sources,’ but from a single, anonymous, uncorroborated source [emphasis mine]. Miles called a short news conference two hours before the game to angrily label the report “misinformation.” Herbstreit stood by his source, despite Miles’ continued emphatic assertion that he was staying at LSU, until the ESPN college football analyst finally was forced by circumstances to concede his error the next day. By the end of the week, LSU, the SEC champion, announced that Miles had signed an amended contract that extends his stay at LSU through 2012. Given an anonymous source, who to judge by repeated on-the-record denials was not Miles, his agent or Michigan athletic director Bill Martin, and given the degree of at least slight doubt implied by “barring any unforeseen circumstances,” why did ESPN go with a story that risked affecting outcomes — the championship game and the job negotiations — by itself becoming an unforeseen circumstance? As to how breaking a story might impact events,” Doria said, “unless those events are life-threatening or equally monumental — we don’t consider coaching job negotiations or preparation for a football game in either category — we wouldn’t withhold information.” That is fine, but only if ESPN consistently holds its sports journalism to the same standards applied in good non-sports journalism when using anonymous sources. To my mind, Herbstreit, a former Ohio State quarterback and not an experienced reporter, was less to blame for this ill-founded scoop than the senior College GameDay producers who should have advised him against going on air with such shaky information instead of convincing him it was his journalistic obligation to share with viewers what “a source” had told him. “Given that no deal is done until an agreement is signed, we could have tempered this one more than it was,” Doria said. “In hindsight, we should have said something like, ‘A source has told ESPN that Miles and Michigan have agreed on money and length of term, but no contract is signed, and Miles has to go to Michigan for a face-to-face interview with AD Bill Martin.’ ” That would have been better, but we have been given no reason to believe it would have been any more true. All we know for sure is that ESPN’s reputation as a reliable source of “scoops” has taken another blow. When viewers respond to the phrase “a source has told ESPN” with a “we’ll see” attitude, as many who write me say they now do, it undermines the efforts of ESPN’s entire staff of producers, editors and reporters.

A particularly disturbing revelation comes at the beginning of Schreiber’s piece:

… I call out ESPN for practices common to its cable news peers, such as bloated coverage of the moment’s hot-topic stories and the mad dash from scant information to voluminous opinion. Often, the questions I pose ESPN executives can be, and often are, answered with a version of “That’s just the way the 24/7 media is today.”

No one doubts that the bigwigs simply toe the modern line (if not define it) – it’s disturbing that they admit it so directly.

(By the way… Shrevenge?? No comments? Kudos? Shreveport + Revenge?! I think it’s my best title-pun yet!)

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