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God Bless Us, Everyone

Please, Tiny Tim, please. Tear them apart. Do what you can do. Split them in two. Please.


Go Gators.

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Tre Smith Tells All!

By J. Henderson

I had the chance to meet Tre Smith this weekend, yes, at the AAFL Draft event in Birmingham. Tre, Kody Bliss and Karibe Dede are all “locked” players for Team Alabama. More on all that later.


Karibi Dede, Kody Bliss, lovely Auburn fan, Tre Smith at the Wynfrey Hotel

Tre was pretty loved by Auburn fans. Eminem wrote a song about him after the 2002 Iron Bowl, his grand coronation to the throne of our hearts. And then there was the 2006 Florida game, when he went hang-gliding for Gator soul, which earned him what I thought to be obviously undeserved criticism for supposedly showboating while scoring the game-changing touchdown.

If you haven’t seen it – and, if you’re reading this, I don’t know how that would be possible – watch it again and then read below my vindication!

Tre: Honestly, I wasn’t even trying to flip.

TWER: I knew it!

Tre: The thing was, when I saw the ball rollin’ and picked it up, I thought somebody was trying to tackle me from behind, but it was my own player falling into my legs. I jumped to avoid getting tackled, I wasn’t trying to do a flip.

TWER: Yeah, I never thought it looked planned, to me it always just looked like your momentum forced it – made you tuck and roll.

Tre: Yeah, I mean, it was too spur of the moment to plan it, I didn’t even know it ended up looking like that.

It ended up looking pretty kick-a and, as the capper to the punt blocked by Tristan Davis, Jerraud Powers, and swarm [thanks Taylor], was eventually named ESPN’s 2006 Game-Changing Performance of the Year.



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Toomer’s Rumors and Boomers – 1.24.08 #2

(You can see I’m really liking this format…)

*** The powers that be at AU (c) presume they can trademark actual “verbiage” like “Tigers,” “Toomer’s Corner,” “The Plains,” even “Auburn” and are reportedly Nazis when it comes to enforcement… but somehow this is OK…


UT-Martin’s Faux Jackson outruns AU licensing attorneys. The Tigers will copywrong the Skyhawks on Nov. 8th. (h/t/a/t/s to Track’em Tigers)

*** Muschamp’s hire earns equal pay raise for Texas offensive coordinator Greg Davis = $425,000

*** News of Urban Meyer’s possible repeated recruiting faux pas is beginning to make some waves. Meyer reportedly went out of his way to grease the scholarship rails for Gator gymnast Maranda Smith so as to assure a commitment from Smith’s boyfriend, wide receiver Carl Moore. Smith claims that Meyer called her on a daily basis to encourage her decision to sign with Florida, a possible recruiting violation. Though slightly less illicit, the scenario so far reminds me of a story I was told last week by a former Auburn player recruited in the late ’60s, who’s girlfriend was already attending Auburn. Heavily courted by both the Tide and the Tigers, he eventually signed with Auburn but was later told by his father that several Bama boosters and even a coach had communicated in no uncertain terms that were he to commit to the Crimson Tide, his girlfriend, were she to transfer, would receive a free ride at the Capstone.

“I wanted you to make up your own mind, so I didn’t say anything to you ,” his father told him. “Of course, if it’d been your brother or sister, we might have been talkin’.”

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It’s Pronounced JORDAN #3


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Belated “CONGRATULATIONS” to the One-Loss National Champions!

By J. Henderson

You did it Florida. You did it, and we salute you – belatedly, but crisply. What Auburn couldn’t do with a 13-0 season, you did with a 12-1.
However, if we may approach the throne, it is possible that we, Auburn (!), have played a significant part in your success, for think – if ya’ll had not been humbled in Jordan-Hare that fateful October eventide, perhaps you would have imagined yourselves invincible and possibly under-prepared for the Buckeyes, which, I know, in hindsight seems completely impossible. But at the time, who would have thought ya’ll would have beaten Ohio State? Lord knows not we! Good Gracious, no! No way!

And so I think – we think – that, when you most needed it, we gave you confidence and the can-do attitude achieved only in adversity and shame, the same attitude we have smelted in the early fires of ’07 and will pour hot and molten into Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, the same AttitUde we will then forge into a mighty shiv between the hash marks and shove – humbly, but without reservation, and with Can-Do Auburn Relish (CDAR) – into your soft, overrated, reptilian gut this Saturday night. And you just might need it if you’re to repeat!

But until then, I say congratulations on your accomplishment(s) and hereby present you One-Loss Wonders a gift from your old friends The Cardiac Kids (‘they never quit’): A trip down memory lane, framed in YouTube… and who knows, maybe you can 12-1 it all the way yet again!




And of course…

(It is Tuesday, and here it is. Auburn 41 – Florida 28. Yes, we lost to South Florida. Yes, we lost to Mississippi State. Yes, our first road game is at the swamp. At night. Yes, as of Saturday, we are the youngest Auburn team ever, possibly the youngest ever team in the SEC. Yes, Lester won’t be back until Vandy. This is all what will make it so good.)

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Let’s think 1994 and not 1996…

By J.M. Comer

Note to Auburn’s coaching staff: Please string these together and show them in the locker room this week.

Note to the rest of us: Purchase a punching bag, watch these videos and let your inner Quentin Groves take over from there.

Please direct your hate here:

Please sign for this package of hate, sir:

And your initials here:

And an example of some of that UF musical football humor (Gainesville: Humor’s Hotbed!) you’ve been hearing so much about:

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